Sahil Mahajan releases the Devotional Album Sixth Navratra “Dar te Bhikhari Aye Ne”

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Jk Ut Co-Convenor Sanskriti, Art and Culture Cell Sahil Mahajan released Devotional Album “Dar te Bhikari Aye Ne” at Near Vaishno Devi Mandir Shahidi Chowk, Jammu.

BJP Jk Ut Co-Convenor Sanskriti Art Culture Cell Sahil Mahajan Along With Naresh Kumar,Singer Kuldeep Majotra & Sunil Rana released the Album.

The programme was organized by Maa Bawe Wali Records (MD)Sahil Mahajan.

The song “Dar te Bhikari Aye Ne” has been sung by singer Arun Sharma, and composed by Rohit Raj. The video has been prepared by Kk Malhotra Lyrics Rajat Midha under Special thnx Shubam Gupta, Gourav kumar .The Album has been released on YouTube Arun Sharma Music Channel ” simultaneously.

Sahil Mahajan appreciated the BJP Sanskriti Art & Culture Cell J&K for encouraging the young talent. He said that we as a societal family must endeavour to support and nurture young talent which will bring laurels to the whole Jammu & Kashmir.

Sahil while speaking lauded the young talent of Jammu & Kashmir in bringing out melodious devotional albums. He said that “Dar te Bhikari aye ne” is revered by one and all in the whole region. He praised the whole production team, especially the Singers and Sahil Mahajan for their efforts in making the release of the album. Keshav also said that new opportunities are being opened up everywhere today for the innovative mind setup. He said that “Bharat Bhoomi” has a vast and rich cultural heritage and these devotees of fine arts ensure that the mind of our creative youth is directed towards nurturing their skills with a positive mind setup.