We don’t send dossiers on terror; we kill by entering their homes: PM Modi

Latur : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said Indian government’s approach on tackling terror has seen a sea change compared to what was followed during the Congress regime.

“During the Congress regime, the news headlines were of India handing over another dossier to Pakistan about terror activities. Some of our friends in media used to clap after any such dossier was sent,” Modi said at an election rally in Maharashtra’s Latur.

“Today, India doesn’t send dossiers. Aaj Bharat ghar mein ghus ke marta hai (Today India kills terrorists on their own turf),” Modi said.

Modi also claimed that the INDIA bloc has come up with a “formula” whereby the parties in the opposition alliance will get the PM’s post for one year each if they come to power.”

With such a system, the good of the country cannot be expected, Modi said.

“Some people want to make the PM in instalments. They hey have decided to have a PM each year,” he said.

Targeting Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, Modi said, “When I speak of ‘EK Bharat Shreshtha Bharat’, the Prince of Congress suffers from fever”.