While the United Nations Organization was established to monitor and ensure peace across the globe after the failure of League of Nations to prevent the World War-II, it is an irony that this World Body has practically failed to perform its main function of preventing the wars or even terrorism that is worse than any war. The latest failure of UNO has come to fore after the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war continues unabated with UNO being nothing but a mute spectator. The Israel-Palestine conflict is yet another serious matter where UNO has literally proved to be a failure. Even prior to Ukraine development the UNO has failed to address every emergent situation, be it US intervention in Iraq or Afghanistan besides brazen murder of Democracies in many nations by the Juntas including that in Myanmar or even the terrorists calling the shots in substantial areas across the globe. The present situation vindicates India’s recurring call for transforming the world body. In this context India has consistently been calling for drastic reforms in the functioning of World body with a collective international effort towards revitalization of the 193-member UN General Assembly, emphasizing that it is the closest institution to a global parliament that must lead the multilateral efforts to address global challenges. It needs to be realized that  reformation of the Security Council is central to the overall process of revitalizing the United Nations and there is no better platform than the General Assembly where this process can be driven in the most democratic and representative manner failing which the UNO will continue to remain just a cosmetic World Body. This body can be termed as a successful body only if it would be capable of addressing global challenges, shaping peoples’ aspirations and transforming lives across the world. For achieving the same, all the stakeholders need to initiate the result oriented measures for revitalization of the United Nations in favour of a strengthened multilateral rules-based system. The General Assembly, which includes a significant number of environmentally vulnerable countries, is uniquely placed to accelerate efforts for Environment and Climate Action which is the priority global concern today. The General Assembly being the chief deliberative, policymaking and representative organ of the United Nations with unmatched representative character and the credibility that it derives from such representativeness, can take up all the challenges faced by the world today. It is an acknowledged fact that multilateralism is coming under severe strain because of multiple developments, due to which global challenges cutting across boundaries and regions cannot be addressed in isolation and the General Assembly, with its broadest possible participation and ownership in decision-making, must lead the multilateral efforts. Moreover, whenever there is talk of transformation of the world body, focus should be on broad subject of revitalizing it. There is a need to restore the sanctity of the annual General Debates in the General Assembly sessions. Besides, multiple high-level events running parallel to the annual General Debates which undermine importance of this most important event on the UN calendar need to be taken serious note of in order to ensure that the General Assembly is well attended during the annual general debates when global leaders congregate at the UN. It needs to be realized that
images of world leaders addressing a General Assembly with empty seats never send a positive signal. Further, the office of the President of General Assembly must be adequately funded. It is hoped that all the stakeholders will join to initiate efforts to push for much needed transformation of the United Nations Organization from a cosmetic organization to a proactive body in the larger interest of the world population.