Urban areas to get 20 hrs power supply, rural 18 hrs: DC Kishtwar

Kishtwar : In a press briefing held on Thursday, Deputy Commissioner Kishtwar Dr. Devansh Yadav shared crucial information regarding the substantial relief to be provided to the general public of district.

This development follows the successful charging of the 132KV Ramban-Khellani-Kishtwar line up to Khellani and the concurrent availability of an additional 10-12MW to the district through the 132KV Dul Hasti line.

The Deputy Commissioner highlighted that the twin districts of Doda and Kishtwar had been relying on the 132KV DPS line constructed in 1987 for power supply.

Initiated in 2007, the construction of the 132KV DC Ramban-Khellani-Kishtwar line faced various challenges leading to delays and non-commissioning.

However, with persistent efforts and budgetary support from the UT administration, the line was successfully made functional up to Khellani by PGCIL & JKPTCL on January 31, 2024, after a hiatus of over 17 years.

This significant development promises substantial improvements in power supply for the residents of District Kishtwar. Urban areas are set to receive more than 20 hours of power supply, while rural areas will benefit from 18 hours, a remarkable increase from the previous allocation of 33MW to a total of 45MW for the district.

The Deputy Commissioner expressed gratitude for the collaborative efforts of PGCIL & JKPTCL, emphasizing that this achievement marks a crucial milestone in meeting the energy needs of the region. The completion of long pending power transmission project is in line with emphasis laid by Hon’ Lieutenant Governor to provide quality power supply to remotest areas.

Moreover, Dr. Devansh Yadav, provided an overview of the “Jankari se Development Tak” initiative in Kishtwar. This innovative program utilizes easily comprehensible and informative videos accessible to the general public. Its primary objective is to enhance widespread awareness and comprehension of government flagship schemes at the grassroots level, ensuring maximum benefit for the common populace.

DC Kishtwar emphasized the importance of media fraternity collaboration with the DI&PR team to effectively disseminate these videos for broader impact.

Additionally, the Deputy Commissioner Kishtwar highlighted the upcoming second session of “Kishtwar Idol,” set to commence next week, and encouraged aspiring artists to prepare for participation.