Sajad Lone seeks Apni Party support for Baramulla Lok Sabha seat

Srinagar,  People’s Conference Chairman Sajad Lone on Saturday sought support from Apni Party’s Altaf Bukhari for the Baramulla Lok Sabha seat.

National Conference Vice President Omar Abdullah and Sajad Lone will have a direct face off in Baramulla Lok Sabha seat that go to polls on May 20.

Lone said his party will support Apni Party candidates in other seats in Kashmir irrespective of the decisions they take.

The PC chairman said that after analyzing the north Kashmir Lok Sabha seat results over the years, it surfaced that 10 MPs have represented the constituency and out of them 9 were NC leaders.

“One of the main reasons that NC is able to reach there is because of fragmentation of votes… In 2019, total votes polled in north Kashmir were 4,55,000. NC bagged 29 percent votes while 71 percent polled against them. Yet they went (to Parliament),” he said while addressing a press conference in Srinagar.

Lone made an appeal to Bukhari to support him from the north Kashmir seat and stop division of anti NC votes.

“ I had some confabulation.. I am coming here to appeal to my dear Altaf Bukhari to let us stop the division of votes in north Kashmir. I am appealing through this press conference that it is time they support us in north Kashmir and as I have said earlier that we will unconditionally support the party especially in Srinagar that we feel will give challenge ( to NC),” Lone said.

He said they would support the Apni Party irrespective of the decision they take.

“We will make this appeal to them that division of votes should not be done . Let anti NC votes come together and the mandate of the people which is to send a replacement that dream is fulfilled,” the PC Chairman said, adding that they have already conveyed to the Apni Party that they would support them in Srinagar.