Ramalo Ram: Father sold wood logs to complete education, Govt conferred with Padam Shri


JAMMU : Stating that Padam Shri is not only my achievement but also of my mates and Dogra fellows, Dogri folk singer Romalo Ram said, “ I am thankful to government for bestowing me with the prestigious award recognizing my contribution in the field of Dogri language.

In an exclusive conversation with Greater Jammu, Dogri folk singer and retired Zonal Education Officer (ZEO) in Education Department, Ramalo Ram while expressing his gratitude said, “I am elated to get my name into the list of Padam Shri list. As it recognizes my 38 dedicated years services of Mother Dogri language. Also thankful to central government and UT government to pay attention towards Dogri as earlier Government used to ignore it.”

Sharing his childhood hardships, the Padam Shriawarded artist said “to provide me basic education, my family had to sold five logs of wood which were purchased for construction of home. It was the difficult time for me and my family as we were struggling with poverty. Later I got admission at Government Degree College, Udhampur. Initially, I had no place to stay. I used to stay downstairs in someone house for one year. Thereafter I started giving tuitions to earn livelihood and eventually managed a room on rent in Udhampur”.

Mentioning his family prime profession, Ramalo stated that our family is blessed with singing talent as I used to visit for Dogri cultural programme with my elders (Grandfather, fathers, uncles) and cousins.  But it was our secondary profession with no financial security. Cobbling was our main profession through which we used to feed our family.

“Being a learned member in my family, I had decided to work for upliftment of my mother language Dogri resulted which constituted a club titled-Ramalo Ram Club wherein only local Dogri folk including Gitru, Dogri song Pakha and others we sang”, Ramalo Ram maintained.

It is unfortunate to mention that at that time too, there were local artists but none of them had initiated to serve Dogri culture. They ignored it for the reasons well known to them. But I continued my efforts with full commitment which finally yielded results. And it think it makes a main difference between me and others.”

Even my In-laws threatened to stop Dogri culture programme but I ignored their threats and keep serving to Dogri. Few years back, I  have started Mission Maa Dogri’ with the objective of Dogri at each and every home of Dogra region.

Describing his exceptional decision to introduce his daughter, Sars Bharti to share the dance stage with him, Ramalo said,” it was the tough decision for me to introduce her as earlier we don’t have any partner example of father- daughter and moreover that my own friends used to gossip it, which no doubt dishearten me but I stick to my decision.”

Because I personally feel that Sars have a natural charisma with the blessing of Mother language Dogri. And I would like to mention today I feel happy when small girls across the Jammu, Himachal said we want to become like Sars didi, he added.

In his message to youth Ramalo said, “ youth should stay away from drugs and keep positive in their approach.”

Ramalo Ram belongs to the Amroh village which is around 15 km away from Ramnagar city of Udhampur district.

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