Traders Federation Felicitates Padma Shri Romalo Ram


JAMMU : The role of Dogra artist Padam Shri Ramalo Ram towards the upliftment and recognition of Dogri language was felicitated today at Jammu.

A grand ceremony was held at Traders Federation Ware House Nehru Market’ Jammu office on Thursday under the leadership of Deepak Gupta, President in which Renowned Dogri folk singer and dancer Romalo Ram was felicitated. Federation President Deepak Gupta honored Romalo Ram by presenting him a memento and chunri. On this occasion, Romalo Ram’s daughter Saras Bharti was also honored by presenting her a chunri. “We all thank Romalo Ram ji that he struggled for a long time to take our mother tongue  Dogri forward. He took Dogri forward with his songs and today, in recognition of his contribution, the Government of India gave him the Padma shri Award. I believe that this Padma shri award was not only given to Romalo Ram ji, but our mother tongue Dogri language gets respect at the National Level. Romalo Ram’s years of hard work have been honored”. Deeapk Gupta said. Government of India has recently announced Padma Shri Awards for Romalo Ram of Jammu for his contribution in the field of Art and music. Romalo Ram hails from village Amroh in Ramnagar tehsil of Jammuand Kashmir’s Udhampur district. Deepak Gupta on this occassion said that Romalo Ram if well known for Pioneering Dogri Folk Art. He is renowned for his contribution to Dogri Folk Art, earning hm the prestigious Padma Shri award in recognition of his efforts to rejuvenate this tradition form. He is inventor of the “Geetru’ music style, a distinctive and innovative genre within the Dogri Music and has composed an impressive repertoire of over 300 songs, enriching the cultural landscape with his artistic endeavors

Romalo Ram on this occassion expressed his gratitute to President of Traders Federation and his team. Dogri folk singer Romalo Ram also expresses gratitude to Centre for being conferred Padma Shri Award. He said, ” I am grateful o the government. For the past 40 years, I have been associated with this art. We have preserved our heritage and worked with renowned people’. He further said that he is very thankful to government for honouring “Maa Boli Dogri’. “”This is not only my achievement but also that of my friends who used to sing with me. We have preserved the heritage of Dogri Folk Music,” he added.

On this occassion Sr. Vc President of Federation Munish Mahajan, Vc. President Abhimanyu Gupta, General Secretary Sham Lal Langer and Secretary Vishal Gupta was also present.


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