Operation “Dara Sangla” Yields Significant Results on February 2, 2024

In a collaborative effort, Indian Army and Jammu Kashmir Police have successfully executed Operation Dara Sangla, revealing crucial information about a hideout with recovery of  War Like Stores in Forest Areas of Dara Sangla, Surankote, located 3 km northeast of Surankot CoB.

Following actionable intelligence provided by the Jammu and Kashmir Police (JKP), a swift response was initiated. On February 2, 2024, a coordinated effort involving 04 Operational Teams (OTs) from 16RR, accompanied by a team from the Surankote Police Station was launched for a joint search operation in General Area Dara Sangla.

The operation yielded significant results with the recovery of 1 mortar, 3 bombs, 1 pistol with magazine, and 5 rounds of ammunition.

As the investigation unfolds, further details are being ascertained to comprehensively understand the scope and implications of this operation. The collaborative efforts between the Indian Army and JKP demonstrate a commitment to maintaining security and combating terror in the region.