NSS Unit 1 of GCW Gandhinagar and Dept of Botany, Cluster University of Jammu organised Poster making Competition on World Earth Day

In commemoration of World Earth Day, NSS Unit 1 of Government College for Women (GCW), Gandhinagar, in collaboration with the Department of Botany, Cluster University of Jammu, organised a poster making competition aimed at raising awareness about environmental conservation and sustainable living.

The event, held at the premises of GCW Gandhinagar Jammu, witnessed enthusiastic participation from NSS Volunteers(about 30 NSS Volunteers) and Dept of Botany. Participants showcased their artistic talents while conveying powerful messages about the importance of protecting our planet and adopting eco-friendly practices.The theme of this year’s Earth Day, “Planet Vs Plastic”, resonated throughout the event, inspiring participants to reflect on the pressing environmental challenges facing our planet and the urgent need for collective action.

Dr. SP Saraswat, Principal of the College expressed his delight at the overwhelming response to the competition. He said, “It is heartening to see young minds coming forward with innovative ideas to address environmental issues. Through this competition, we aim to encourage students to think creatively and become ambassadors for environmental conservation.”The judging panel, comprising of Dr. Harpreet Bhatia from Cluster University of Jammu and Prof Sunita from Dept of Social Work, GCW Gandhinagar, evaluated the posters based on creativity, relevance to the theme, and the effectiveness of the message conveyed.The winners of the competition were awarded certificates and prizes, recognizing their efforts in promoting environmental awareness and inspiring others to take action for a sustainable future.The event was organised by NSS PO Unit 1 of GCW Gandhinagar and Coordinator Botany Prof Sugandha Mahajan and coordinated by Prof Isha of the Dept of Botany CLUJ. Among the faculty  Dr. Arun Khajuria, Dr. Mohd Saleem, Dr. Pankaj Kumar, Dr. Anjali and non teaching Faculty Deepika Charak and Parvinder Kaur were also present.