LS Polls: Cong only abuse us but do not speak on real issues: Azad

Jammu, Former chief minister and Chairman Democratic Progressive Azad Party (DPAP), Ghulam Nabi Azad, said on Sunday that the Congress party only abuses his party but does not speak on the real issues.

Addressing a public meeting in Udhampur, Azad said, “Congress’s only job seems to be to abuse us, but why don’t they speak on real issues? Where is their performance?”

Azad denounced other parties for exploiting voters with false promises, particularly targeting the Congress party for its lack of attention to crucial issues affecting the people.

He expressed frustration over the sudden appearance of parties seeking votes, despite being absent from the people’s concerns for the past decade, and singled out the Congress party, accusing it of neglecting vital issues and resorting to abusive rhetoric instead of meaningful dialogue.

He urged people to cast their ballots in favour of G M Saroori in the upcoming elections. Recognized for his unwavering integrity and vocal advocacy, he emphasized Saroori’s honesty and dedication to amplifying the voices of the people.

He assured voters that Saroori possesses the qualities needed to effectively address their issues and champion their interests on the national stage.

Azad highlighted the importance of elected members actively voicing the concerns of the people and driving impactful legislative measures and emphasized the necessity for vocal representation in Parliament.

He stated, “Parliament requires voices that resonate with the needs and aspirations of the populace, not those that remain silent or inert.”

Azad has called for unity among voters, urging them not to elect MPs based solely on religion or caste.

He emphasized the importance of transcending such divisive factors and instead focusing on candidates’ qualifications, integrity, and commitment to public service and urged voters to prioritize the collective interests of the nation over narrow identity-based affiliations.

He stressed the importance of focusing on the growth and progress of regions and communities, advocating for a shift in parliamentary discourse towards substantive issues. Azad also voiced concerns over the exploitation of local resources and emphasized the need for fighting for both land and job protection, as well as the restoration of statehood.

He strongly asserted that the people of J&K cannot tolerate external entities seizing control of local land and job opportunities.

These issues are central to the people’s economic prosperity and cultural integrity. He promised to fight for these issues in parliament and ensure the voices of the people are heard. Azad reiterated DPAP’s commitment to fostering growth and prosperity in J&K and pledged to prioritize the establishment of additional colleges, schools, and hospitals, and the need for expanded road networks to improve connectivity and facilitate economic development.