JK High Court directs Chief Secretary to address power issue

Srinagar, After a “complete” power failure in the Srinagar wing of High Court of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh, the Court on Monday directed the Chief Secretary of the Union Territory to solve the electricity issue.

A Division Bench of the High Court raised serious concerns over power failure in the Srinagar wing of High Court.

Justice Moksha Khajuria Kazmi and Justice Atul Sreedharan termed the power failure situation at the Srinagar wing of the Court as “pathetic” .

“During Court hours (On Monday), the High Court has suffered a complete power failure. The generator is also not working. There are no lights. The Air Heating Unit (AHU) is also not functional. It is pathetic and unbelievable that this is the condition of Srinagar Wing of the High Court of J&K and Ladakh,” the Court observed.

It added that the power failure took place at about 9:45 am and was not restored when this order was passed at about 11.28 am.

“The matter has gone from bad to worse,” the Court observed.

The Division Bench observed that there should be a permanent solution that is required to address the power crisis.

“This Court direct the Chief Secretary of the Union Territory to pass necessary orders to solve this problem forthwith.

The solution may vary from having a separate power line to the High Court which does not experience any downtime and also supported by generators of such capacity which can power the entire High Court and also the air heating unit without interruption in the event of the dedicated power supply to the High Court fails,” the Court said.