Governor Shri Manoj Sinha on J&K Budget 2024-25

 The Budget 2024-25 reflects the felt needs and aspirations of the people of

J&K and commitment of the UT Administration for peace, progress and


 The immediate goal is to accelerate the pace of economic development in the

UT of J&K and make it multi-dimensional.

 The budget 2024-25 is primarily a “Growth-Oriented” budget and in line with

the endeavours of the UT Government to double its economy in the next few



Budget Size/Key figures:

 The size of the Budget for 2024-25 is Rs. 1,18,728 crore as against Rs.

1,18,500 in 2023-24.

 Revenue Receipt Estimates for 2024-25 is Rs 97,861 crore and Capital Receipt

Estimate is Rs 20,867 crore.

 Revenue Expenditure for 2024-25 is pegged at Rs. 80,162 crore with sector-

wise allocations as under;

 Administrative Sector Rs. 12,580 crore.

 Social Sector Rs. 24600 crore.

 Infrastructure Sector Rs. 12,675 crore.

 Economic Sector Rs. 5,306 crore.

 Capital Expenditure (i.e Developmental Expenditure) for 2024-25 is Rs. 38,566

crore with broad sectoral allocation as under;

 Administrative Sector Rs. 1,362 crore.

 Social Sector Rs. 3,779 crore.

 Infrastructure Sector Rs. 13,512 crore.

 Economic Sector Rs. 6854 crore.

 Capital Expenditure contribution towards GDP is 14.64%.

 GDP for the year 2024-25 has been projected at Rs 2,63,399 crore which

shows a growth of 7.5%.


 The tax/Gross Domestic Product (GDP) ratio for 2024-25 has been projected

at 7.84 percent which is just higher than previous year’s 6.56 percent.


Interim Budget Details

 The total receipts in respect of Vote on Account for part of financial year

2024-25 are estimated at Rs 59,364 crore excluding the provision for ways

and means advances of Rs 16,568 Crore. These receipts include Rs. 48,930

crore as revenue receipts and Rs. 10,434 crore as capital receipts.

 The own revenues both tax and non tax are estimated to be Rs. 15,158


 Rs 18,639 crore is to flow as central assistance and Rs. 8424 crore as CSS/

PMDP to the UT of Jammu and Kashmir.

 The total net expenditure is estimated to be Rs 59,364 crore. This includes

the estimated capital expenditure of Rs 19,283 crore and the estimated

revenue expenditure of Rs 40,081 crore.


Focus areas:

 Good Governance

 Strengthening Grass-root Democracy

 Promoting Holistic and Sustainable Agriculture

 Promoting Jammu and Kashmir as an Investment Destination

 Employment Generation

 Developing New Tourism Destinations

 Accelerated Development & Inclusive Growth

 Women Empowerment

 Social Inclusion


e-Governance Initiatives for 2024-25:

 e-office to be extended in all the offices and panchayats.

 Physical verification units to be established at Jammu & Srinagar.

 Revitalization of Public Private Partnership (PPP) and Viability Gap Fund (VGF)

cell in the Finance Department.

 PM Gati Shakti to be fully implemented.


 Emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning

(ML) and Internet of Things (IOT) to be implemented for effective delivery of

services to the citizens by Information Technology Department.


Sector wise Key Features for 2024-25:

Agriculture & Allied Sectors (Allocation of Rs. 2029.95 Crore under Capital

expenditure for 2024-25)

 Establishment of 2000 Kisan Khidmat Ghars (KKGs) for providing facilities to

the farming community at their door step.

 Strengthening of Departmental Seed Multiplication Farms.

 Competitiveness Improvement of Agriculture and Allied Sectors project in

Jammu and Kashmir (JKCIP) to be implemented with an estimated value of

USD 100 million loan from International Fund for Agricultural Development

(IFAD). The goal of the project is to contribute to the sustained increase in

income of rural households by improving the competitiveness of farming


 283 borewells to be constructed and 520 irrigation pump sets to be

distributed for providing assured irrigation covering an area of 1000 Hectare.

 4500 dairy units to be established & 3000 sheep units to be set up providing

direct employment to around 12000 people.

 Increase in milk production from 25 to 45 Lakh Metric Ton and increase in

milk collection/chilling from 2.0 to 8.5 Lakh Litres Per Day (LLPD) over a

period of five years.

 Fish Production to be enhanced from 30670 MT to 35250 MT with

technological interventions.

 Production of designer plants for promotion of high density plantation and

rejuvenation of orchards.

 50 fruit including dry fruit processing units to be established for value

addition of fruits, to reduce post-harvest losses and to generate employment

opportunities for the youth.

 83000 MTs of Controlled Atmosphere (CA) storage capacity to be added

during next fiscal.


Health & Wellness (Allocation of Rs. 1427.61 Crore under Capital

expenditure for 2024-25):

 Two Cancer institutes at Jammu and Srinagar to be made fully operational

during 2024-25.

 Enhancing DNB Seats to 400 thereby improving the availability of Specialists.


 Health records to be saturated by creation of ABHA IDs for 1.35 crore


 100% screening of 30+ age population for hypertension and diabetes.

 Dialysis Services to be strengthened at 16 existing facilities and 10 new

health facilities.


Rural Development & Panchayati Raj (Allocation of Rs. 3730.83 Crore

under Capital expenditure for 2024-25):

 Under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act

(MGNREGA), 400 lakh mandays to be generated.

 Under HIMAYAT scheme, training of around 7000 candidates to be


 Under NRLM 12000 additional Self Help Groups (SHGs) to be formed during


 600 new panchayat ghars to be constructed under Rashtriya Gram Swaraj

Abhiyan (RGSA) with 100% internet connectivity.

 2.60 lakh mandays of training to Panchayati Raj Institution (PRI) members

under Rashtriya Gram Swaraj Abhiyan (RGSA).

 80,000 houses to be constructed under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Gramin


 Villages to have solid/liquid waste management facilities in order to become

clean/litter and plastic free.

 26000-hectare area to be treated with completion of 1800 works under

Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP) during 2024-25.

Power Sector(Allocation of Rs. 1875 Crore under Capital expenditure for


 Extension of power supply/grid connectivity to Tulail Valley in Gurez.

 Creation of 02 new grid sub-stations at 220/132 Kv level, which will enhance

capacity by 260 MVA at Radampora (160 MVA) and Rathsun Beerwah (100


 Construction of 03 new transmission lines at 132 Kv level Pampore-

NowbughChadoora, 132 Kv level Bandipora-Gurez and 132 Kv Direct Circuit

tap line for 80 MVA grid sub-station Drusoo-Rafiabad.

 Segregation of critically overloaded 11 KV feeders for improvement in

voltage and reduction in fault level.


Tourism & Culture (Allocation of Rs. 469.20 Crore under Capital

expenditure for 2024-25)


 Development of infrastructure and basic amenities in 20 off-beat tourist

destinations, 10 each in Jammu and Kashmir divisions.

 Development of Keran as border tourist village.

 Development of Tosamaidan and Sitharan circuit.

 Development of Duggar Dani at Samba with traditional set up in the form of

"mock village”.

 Construction and installation of 130 meter (425 feet) high National Flag Mast

at Patnitop.

 Construction of grand welcome/entry gate at Lakhanpur to showcase and

emphasize the major destinations within the Jammu & Kashmir Union


 Completion of revival and restoration of 75 identified heritage sites/cultural


 Establishment and operationalization of 8 cultural centers.

 Promotion and propagation of sufism in Jammu & Kashmir through

structured programmes including operationalization of state of art Suffiana

school at Srinagar.

 Digitization of all libraries.


Water Supply & Irrigation (Allocation of Rs. 5038.74 Crore under Capital

expenditure for 2024-25):

 All 18.36 Lakh households of Jammu and Kashmir to have functional

household tap connections.

 Har Ghar Jal (HGJ) certification of remaining 4000 villages.

 3244 JJM schemes to be handed over to Pani Samities/PRIs for their

operation & maintenance.

 78 major medium irrigation schemes to be completed and 250 hectare of

irrigation potential to be created/stabilized.

 297 Minor Irrigation Schemes to be completed for creating 2400 hectare of

Irrigation potential benefiting population of 4400 souls.

 302 flood control schemes to be completed and 3000 hectare of land to be

reclaimed and protected.

 51 schemes to be completed during 2024-25 under Pradhan Mantri Krishi

Sinchayee Yojana-Har Khet Ko Pani (PMKSY-HKKP) and 12 schemes targeted

for completion under National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development

(NABARD) loan assistance.

 Shahpur Kandi Dam likely to be commissioned during 2024-25, which will

benefit Jammu & Kashmir with 1150 cusec of irrigation water facilities for

32173 hectare of land in Kathua and Samba.


Housing & Urban Development (Allocation of Rs. 2329.55 Crore under

Capital expenditure for 2024-25):

 05 Sewerage Treatment Plants (STPs) with sewerage treatment capacity of

65.33 MLD are under implementation.

 Under AMRUT 2.0, UT Water Action Plan for 153 projects of 78 ULBs has

been completed. This includes 99 projects for water supply connections

aiming to provide 2.25 lakh new tap household connections.

 Under Smart Cities Mission out of 262 projects, 207 projects have been

completed and 55 project are likely to be completed in 2024-25.

 Pollution abatement of River Tawi by way of laying interception & diversion

network at old city.

 Revamping of Transport Nagar Narwal Jammu and Parimpora Srinagar.


Education (Allocation of Rs. 1300.10 Crore under Capital expenditure for


 Separate annual library grant ranging from ₹5,000 to ₹20,000 covering

schools from Primary to Senior Secondary for purchase of books under

Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan.

 2000 Kindergartens to be established.

 Only fortified rice to be served to about 8.43 lakh students at elementary

level (I to VIII) under Mid-Day Meal Scheme for improving nutritional health

of students.

 Infrastructure of 233 schools to be upgraded under Pradhan Mantri Schools

for Rising India (PM SHRI) Scheme.

 3.50 lakh adults to be made literate under New India Literacy Programme

(NILP). Scholarship @₹5000/ student under Beti Anmol Scheme for BPL girl


 18723 Schools to be provided sports equipments with the financial

implication of ₹18.50 crore.

 Construction of 05 newly established colleges to be completed during 2024-


 Two hostel blocks, two science blocks and 06 additional lecture blocks in

various colleges to be completed.

 08 colleges to be assessed and accredited in 2024-25.


Connectivity (Roads & Bridges) (Allocation of Rs. 4108.87 Crore under

Capital expenditure for 2024-25):

 4000 Kilometers of road length to be black-topped during 2024-25 under

Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY)/Cities & Towns scheme/Central

Road and Infrastructure Fund (CRIF)/National Bank for Agriculture and Rural

Development (NABARD) loan assistance/pothole free road scheme.


Industrial Development (Allocation of Rs. 529.62 Crore under Capital

expenditure for 2024-25)

 46 new Industrial Estates have been identified for development that will

attract investment and create employment opportunities.

 Under Jammu & Kashmir Rural Employment Guarantee Programme (J&K

REGP), 1167 units targeted to be setup during 2024-25.

 New Start-up Policy to be introduced for creating start-up ecosystem.

 Up-gradation of infrastructure in existing Industrial Estates.

 Private Industrial Estate Development Policy to be revamped.


Social/Tribal Welfare (Allocation of Rs. 306.82 Crore under Capital

expenditure for 2024-25)

 All intellectually challenged persons to be covered under Nirmaya Health

Insurance Scheme.

 Vatsalya Sadan Jammu to be operationalized.

 1000 Anganwadi Centres to be made attractive and interesting in phased


 250 small nature of tractor and link road connectivity to be provided to tribal


 70 Hand Pumps to be provided to Schedule Tribe basties.

 Smart cards to be provided to migratory tribal population.

 Transit accommodations to be established for trans-human tribal population

which includes accommodation for 150-200 families, community kitchens,

medical dispensaries, veterinary dispensaries, community toilets and

livestock yards.

 186 villages, having 500 schedule tribe population, to be covered under

“Pradhan Mantri Aadi Adarsh Gram Yojana (PMAAGY)” scheme.

 10 milk villages targeted to be completed during 2024-25.


Relief & Rehabilitation of Kashmiri Migrants (Allocation of Rs. 1067.61

Crore under Revenue and Capital expenditure for 2024-25)

 Completion of construction of 1500 flats as transit accommodation for

Kashmiri pandit employees during 2024-25.

 Remaining 350 posts out of 6000 posts under PM-Package for Kashmiri

migrants to be filled in 2024-25.


Skill Development & Employment (Allocation of Rs. 165.50 Crore under

Capital expenditure for 2024-25)

 Financial support through self-employment schemes like Seed Capital Fund

Scheme, Youth Start-up Loan Scheme, National Minorities Development &

Finance Corporation scheme, Women Entrepreneurship Programme and

under Mission Youth schemes to be provided to youth to undertake self-

employment ventures.

 Outreach and counselling activities to be conducted for aspiring job seekers

through Model Career Centers (MCCs).

 New age courses to be introduced in 10 Industrial Training Institutes.

 Placement drives for 1000 pass outs to be organized in collaboration with big

business and industrial establishments.

 Training of 6000 women Self Help Groups registered with NRLM to be



Sports & Youth Initiatives (Allocation of Rs. 141.80 Crore under Capital

expenditure for 2024-25)

 75 lakh youth engagements in various sports events to be held at the

Panchayat, Block, District, UT and National level during 2024-25.

 20 national sports events to be organized in 2024-25.

 200 playfields and 100 sports courts to be constructed. Swimming pools to

be completed at Moulana Azad Stadium, Jammu and Gindun Park Rajbagh,



Forestry & Environment (Allocation of Rs. 156.45 Crore under Capital

expenditure for 2024-25)

 Planting of 190 lakh native trees and 100 lakh low cost greening

interventions aimed to restore ecosystems, prevent soil erosion and enhance



 All urban Local bodies of Jammu and Kashmir to have at least one Nagar

Van, Nagar Vatika or an Eco Park.

 10 lakh saplings of local, medicinal and economic importance to be

distributed among the farmers for planting to augment trees outside forests

& improve livelihood.

 Infrastructure at wetlands like Gharana, Hokersar and Shallbugh to be

developed for promotion of eco-tourism.

 Establishment of Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station

(CAAQMS) in Jammu.


Food & Civil Supplies(Allocation of Rs. 313 Crore under Capital

expenditure for 2024-25)

 Additional 10 kg of rice per month at subsidized rate to Priority Households

will be provided under Prime Ministers Food Supplementation Scheme.

 e-KYC of all beneficiaries under Public Distribution System to be completed.


Science & Technology (Allocation of Rs. 159.50 Crore under Capital

expenditure for 2024-25)

 4000 AC agriculture pumps to be replaced by Solar Pumps in phased manner

under PM-KUSUM Component “C”.

 Around 04 megawatt rooftop solar power plants to be installed on the

government buildings. 100 kw floating solar power plant to be installed in

the Dal Lake, Srinagar for demonstration purpose to attract the tourists.

 5000 improved biomass cook-stoves to be provided in the tribal areas to

reduce indoor air pollution and fuel use.

 Land bank to be identified for development of solar parks.

 Under Special Area Development Programme (SADP) tourist & religious

places to be taken-up for complete solarization.


Security Related Activities (Allocation of Rs. 1284.45 Crore under

Revenue and Capital expenditure for 2024-25)

 Construction of 42 new border police posts to strengthen the anti-infiltration


 Installation of CCTV cameras with command-and-control center at public

places to be completed.


 Improvement of basic facilities in police stations/police posts and police

housing complexes.

 1218 community/individual bunkers to be constructed.

 Implementation of Inter-Operable Criminal Justice System (ICJS) Project.





Schemes/Activities Allocation


(in ₹





1 Holistic Agriculture


Programme (HADP)


934 Holistic Agriculture Development

Programme for 29 projects at an outlay

of Rs 5013 Cr over the period of next

five years.


2 Horticulture 60 Establishment of cold storage and high


density plantation.


3 Industrial Estate 400 Development of new Industrial Estates

for investment and employment



4 Industrial Incentives 40 Incentives as per the provisions of


Industrial Policy and start ups.


5 GST Refund 450 GST refund for industrial units as an




6 Trade Promotion 15 Promotion of trade through events at

National & International level through

Jammu & Kashmir Trade Promotion



7 Employment



200 Youth Start-up/Seed Capital Fund

schemes and implementation of Mission

Youth Schemes for self employment of



8 Capitalization of



500 Capital support for J&K Bank, Regional

Rural Banks (RRBs) and Cooperative



9 Road Sector 3983 Construction of roads under PMGSY,


CRIF and NABARD loan scheme.


10 Equity for new Hydro

Electric projects


660 Equity support for construction of Rattle,

Kawar and Kiru Hydro Electric projects.

11 Jal Jeevan Mission 3491 Functional Tap connections to all the




12 Flood Management 390 For flood management projects of river




13 Swach Bharat Mission



370 Achieving ODF+ status in all the urban


local bodies.


14 Sewerage



100 Construction of sewerage treatment




15 New Townships 70 Development of new townships for




16 Dal Development 50 Development and preservation of Dal




17 Social Security



1430 Financial assistance under Ladli Beti and

Marriage Assistance scheme. Old Age,

Widow and Disabled pension.


18 Tribal Welfare 70 Infrastructure for welfare of Tribal like

tribal hostels, milk villages, nomad

shelters and libraries.


19 Relief and

Rehabilitation of

Kashmiri Migrants


400 Construction of accommodation for

Kashmiri migrant employees appointed

under PM Package.


20 Samagra Shiksha

Abhiyan (SSA)


1907 Recurring expenditure for SSA

employees and non-recurring

expenditure for infrastructure of primary

and secondary institutions.


21 PM SHRI 175 Setting up of PM SHRI schools for


quality education.


22 Quality Education 30 Improving quality in schools in respect

of infrastructure and career counseling.

23 Higher Education 400 For infrastructure of colleges and




24 Drugs and



500 Providing of drugs, machinery and

equipments for health institutions.


25 National Health

Mission (NHM)


1271 Recurring expenditure for NHM

employees and non-recurring

expenditure for infrastructure of health



26 Pradhan Mantri Awas




1093 Support for construction of own house

to houseless poor families in rural areas

27 PRI and ULB Grants 1313 For development works of PRIs and




28 DDC/BDC Grants 271.25 Rs 200 crore @ Rs 10 crore each for 20

DDCs and Rs 71.25 crore @ Rs 25 lakh

each for 285 BDCs as development fund.


29 Security and

Accommodation for

Local Body



80 Security and construction of

accommodation and offices for

DDCs/BDCs/PRIs members.


30 Tourism Sector 123 Promotion of Tourism, development of

new tourism destinations, new circuits,

ropeways and promotion of golf.


31 Preservation of



115 Heritage preservation, promotion of


festivals and cinema/theatre.


32 World Bank Aided



100 Construction of infrastructure under

Jhelum Tawi Flood Recovery Project



33 Sports Initiatives 140 Creation of sports infrastructure.

34 Renewable Energy 150 Installation of solar rooftops and solar




35 Security



65 Construction of police housing colonies,

bunkers in border areas and installation

of CCTVs in police stations