Eminent Neurologist Prof. Satyakam Bhagavati Visits AIIMS Vijaypur, Jammu

In a significant event for the medical community in Jammu, Prof. Satyakam Bhagavati, a distinguished Professor Emeritus in the Department of Neurology from Downstate Medical Centre, SUNY, New York, visited the AIIMS Vijaypur campus on the 6th and 7th of May. This visit, hosted by Prof. Shakti Gupta, the ED and CEO of AIIMS Vijaypur, Jammu, marked a notable moment for the newly established medical institution.

Prof. Bhagavati, renowned for his extensive research and expertise in neuromuscular disorders, had a packed schedule during his two-day visit. His activities included a thorough inspection of the AIIMS Jammu facilities, where he was accompanied by Dr. Shaurya Darbari, Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurosurgery, along with senior residents from the Department of Hospital Administration.


During his tour, Prof. Bhagavati was briefed on the operational readiness of AIIMS Jammu, which is poised to start serving patients pending the installation of essential medical equipment. A significant highlight of his visit was his emphasis on the importance of digitalization in healthcare. He was pleased to learn that the Director had already mandated that AIIMS Jammu would operate as an utterly paper-free hospital from its inception.


Prof. Bhagavati also took the time to engage with the undergraduate students residing on campus. He walked through the residential areas, discussing with students their curiosities about medical education in the U.S. and the evolving opportunities in India. He told the students that while the US was a lucrative option for further studies in the past, the trend is now reversing as India has facilities on par with any hospital in the US.


His interactions were not just limited to students; he also met with the faculty of AIIMS Jammu. These meetings opened discussions on potential research collaborations and were deemed highly fruitful by all participants.


Prof. YK Gupta, President of AIIMS Vijaypur, Jammu, welcomed him to the campus and expressed his enthusiasm for developing specialized centres of excellence, particularly in Neurosciences. Prof. Bhagavati showed great interest in this initiative and agreed to lend his expertise to help establish these centres where neurosurgery, neurology, and the basic sciences related to neurosciences would function under the same roof for enhanced teaching, research, and patient care.


Moreover, Prof. Bhagavati’s visit extended to the clinical areas of AIIMS Jammu, where he met with nursing officers from the Department of Neurosurgery and toured the OPD, Emergency, and IPD complexes. His interactions throughout the visit underscored his commitment to medical education and patient care, which resonated well with the staff and students of AIIMS Jammu.


At the conclusion of his visit, Prof. Bhagavati met with the ED and CEO of AIIMS Jammu and expressed his desire to return for a more extended period in an advisory capacity to further contribute to the growth and development of the institution.


This visit highlighted AIIMS Jammu’s advancements in infrastructure and educational prospects and set the stage for future collaborations that could significantly benefit medical research and healthcare services in the region. The interaction with the students and faculty was particularly valuable, as it provided an opportunity to learn from Professor Bhagavati’s vast experience and explore new avenues for research and patient care.