ADG BRO, Chief Engineer MORTH inspect Akhnoor- Poonch NH

Jammu : To review the ongoing development projects and tunnels at Kandi, Sungal and Nowshera, ADG Border Road Organisation RK Dhiman and Chief Engineer MORTH, Rahul Gupta accompanied by Chief Engineer Project Sampark Brig Neeraj Madan, conducted a comprehensive inspection along the Akhnoor- Poonch National Highway.

The inspection was aimed to assess the progress and quality of the infrastructure projects, which are vital for enhancing connectivity and promoting regional development.

During the inspection, visiting officers expressed satisfaction over the progress made on the project, highlighting the dedication and expertise of the workforce involved.

Upgradation of this National Highway will significantly reduce travel time, enhance connectivity between regions, and provide all-weather accessibility, particularly in challenging terrain and adverse weather conditions.