Your Daily Horoscope

Aries-Mar 21 – Apr 20
Someone or something
may intimidate you and make you
want to retreat, Aries. But this person
or situation is the very thing you
need now in order to do what you
have to do. Opportunities are there
for you even though they may be
disguised. Once you find them you
will know. Have confidence that
you’re ready for the next step in
your journey.

Taurus-Apr 21 – May 21
There may be power struggles
brewing beneath the surface
that become evident in your interactions,
Taurus. Your first reaction may
be to get upset and make your viewpoint
even more rigid. It’s important
that you be more laid back. Accept
that other people have different perspectives
on the situation. Work with
instead of against them. Walk away
if others are unreasonable.

Gemini-May 22 – June 21
You may find yourself running
in a million different directions,
Gemini. This is a good day
to do errands. You can juggle
many things at once, so continue
with confidence. Make sure that
you do each task thoroughly
instead of skimming over them.
Others are likely to notice your
work. Do work that makes you

Cancer-June 22 – July 22
Your emotions are likely
to be pulled to extremes, Cancer.
A key aspect of today is communication,
and it wields a great deal
of power. People are fighting for
knowledge today so be sure of
your facts before you start tossing
them out there. You’ll command
respect from others, thanks to
your solid commitment to the

Leo-July 23 – Aug 23
Don’t underestimate people’s
sensitivity to certain situations,
Leo. You may work with a detachment
that’s healthy on a day like this. You
can deal with issues in a levelheaded
way without getting caught up in emotional
drama. Meanwhile, others
might take things very personally. Be
aware of their needs. These people
are some of your most valuable
resources. Treat them with respect.

Virgo-Aug 24 – Sept 22
Talking things over with
friends is likely to be a nourishing
exercise for you, Virgo. Instead of
trying to work things out in your
head, say them aloud and ask others
for their perspectives. A
tremendous amount of healing can
take place when you confess
what’s bothering you. Find the
relief that comes from having a
willing listener.

Libra-Sept 23 – Oct 23
Engage in lively activities
with friends who keep you abreast of
the latest in culture, Libra. See a
movie, go to a bookstore, or visit a
museum. This should be a fun time in
which you can bounce ideas around
and explore your thoughts and feelings.
Be careful that your conversation
doesn’t lapse into gossip. Don’t
let everyone else’s affairs suddenly
become more important than yours.

Scorpio-Oct 24 – Nov 22
You may think few people
understand you, Scorpio. Even if you
try to explain your thought process
and where you are emotionally, it still
seems like others are more concerned
with themselves. Only you can really
understand how you feel. Be your own
cheerleader. It isn’t necessary for
everyone to understand everything
about you. An air of mystery is part of
what makes you intriguing.

Sagittarius-Nov 23 – Dec 21
Your mood is likely to be
malleable, Sagittarius, depending
on the people you’re with and situation
you’re in. One minute you may
be high as a kite and the next
you’re down in the dumps. There’s
likely to be very little middle ground.
The key for you now is to align
yourself with those with a positive
attitude who can bring helpful working
solutions to the issues.

Capricorn-Dec 22 – Jan 20
Try not to spend too
much time on one issue today,
Capricorn. It’s possible that
you’ll get so wrapped up in it that
that you’ll find it hard to deal with
anything else. Take care of one
issue the best you can and move
to the next without dwelling on
the first. Your focus is strong,
and you can tackle many issues

Aquarius-Jan 21 – Feb 18
Things should be going
well for you, Aquarius. Stay on track
and you’ll have a clear runway. If
you deviate from where you need to
be, you might get a harsh reminder
from something or someone. There
are powerful forces at work. You’ll
benefit if you work with instead of
against them. Maintain your focus
on the truth and those aspects that
align with your soul.

Pisces-Feb 19 – Mar 20
You may feel like you’re
walking a tightrope, Pisces. One
wrong step will cause you to tumble
to the ground. Don’t put so much
pressure on yourself. You may see
things as life or death situations
when what’s required now is an
upbeat attitude. If you insist on making
things more complicated than
they need to be, you may turn away
the very people who can help you