Yoga for face

Shivani Gupta

Facial yoga helps in stimulating blood circulation and and releasing toxins . Also lifting up your face ,the muscle of the face is no different from the muscles of the body .If you don’t exercise the muscle below the neck they become weak and flabby. The facial yoga eliminates wrinkles with the natural facelift .It does not eradicate lines but changes the downward drift .Just clenching your face muscles improve the blood circulation which results in beautiful glowing skin, it helps in making your bones prominent and sheds the excess fat on your face, if your conscious about your double chain you can reduce it with the help of facial yoga.
Simha mudra : You need to kneel down comfortably ,your palms should be on your thighs now take, out your tongue and stretch down forcefully while you do so exhale and make a roaring sound like a lion.
Fish face: Like you take a selfie with the pout. This facial yoga pose you will love instantly because you have to just suck your cheeks in like you do while taking your selfie hold it for a while and smile
Mouth wash technique: This exercise will help you in keeping your flabby cheeks and fine lines away just fill up your mouth with air and transfer it from one corner to the other as if you have water in your mouth. Continue this procedure for 20 to 30 seconds relax and repeat.
Jaw release: Tighten your chin pull it upwards and hold it till the time you feel the Stretch in your neck, release it gradually while breathing from your nose ,this will help you in reducing your doublechin and fine lines around the lower half of the face
This is a non invasive technique and can actually make people look visibly younger in just few weeks the exercises and largest and strengthen facial muscles which becomes farmer more toned and shaped like a younger skin if you constantly follow and consistent about it you will see visible results which is completely safe natural and much more cheaper than other conventional methods
Recently introduced facial yoga cleansing method at our clinic “Shalz medispa” which is called “YOGALOGY ” that’s yoga for skin. It helps in deep cleansing for pollution prone and sensitive skin .It also helps in blood circulation releases stress points.
Go ahead and start looking younger with these small procedures of yoga and stay healthy and beautiful.
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