It is a fact that common people both in India and Pakistan want peace and are least interested in the belligerency between the two neighbours. At the same time it is a stark reality that the real governance of the Pak establishment lies in the hands of Army and its ISI which has never been in favour of the people’s desire despite Pakistan witnessing the worst form of violence, across its length and breadth. Pak military establishment rules the roost in that nation even today and it is this section in Pakistan which is enjoying lavish lifestyle despite the nation having become absolutely bankrupt and crumbled under the US debt. While the two nation theory on the basis of which Pakistan was established has proved to be a total failure, the policy of Pakistan viz-a-viz Kashmir relentlessly pursued by it right from 1947 till date has not only proved to be an utter failure but has made Pakistan to taste the poison that it injected into India by way of Jihadi culture. In this context it would not be wrong to state that Pakistan’s involvement with Jihadi groups at the highest level aimed at the so called liberation of Jammu and Kashmir has recoiled. It is quite unfortunate that even after Imran Khan took over as the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the ray of hope for peace that had emanated very soon vanished into the blue with Imran’s u-turn on serious issues besides remaining stuck to Kashmir issue and even making every effort to revive the Khalistan movement against India and finally facing a piquant situation today. Having acted as a puppet head of Pakistan with real power lying with the Army and ISI, his exit is almost sure as he has to face a no confidence motion with most of his party MPs and other supporting legislators after Supreme direction the other day. It is clear that Pakistan is at the mercy of its Army and ISI which have never been sincere in donning peace within Pakistan. Therefore, those ruling the roost in Pakistan will have to realize sooner than later that they have no other choice except initiating a movement to restore peace there instead of harping on the Kashmir issue in which it has failed miserably despite keeping India engaged in fighting terrorists and the so called Jihadis manufactured in the terror factories in Pakistan. It is a great Irony of Pakistan that despite terrorists striking there almost on a daily basis, it continues to be very selective in going after these Jihadi groups. The fallout of this selective attitude on the part of Pakistan has resulted in Jihadis picking specific soft targets like Shias, Ahmadias or Christians, besides playing on various kinds of polarization to improve their recruitment and take advantage of that to further spread their barbaric and inhuman tentacles. In fact the problem lies in the attitude of the successive Pak governments goaded by the in trying to protect the ultras in Punjab, while going after the terrorists in other parts of the country. The cumulative effect of such policies including that on Kashmir issue has undoubtedly recoiled on it today with the whole world opinion being against Pakistan for its laxity on the terrorism issue Moreover after the Balakote strike by Indian Air Force, Pak military establishment has become more jittery feeling that its grip on the polity of Pakistan is going to end soon. In view of the sordid state of affairs in Pakistan during the past some time the proxy rulers of Pakistani i.e. its Army and ISI need to realize that it is common people of both the nations especially the Muslims who are the worst victims of the hostile conditions. The ongoing developments in Pakistan demand the people at the helm of affairs in its governance of this rogue nation listen to the sane voices of its own people so that not only Pakistan is saved from further bloodshed and devastation, but the people of the subcontinent consequently enjoy amity, peace and prosperity in all times to come. After all everybody in this subcontinent has been yearning to live peacefully.