World Red Cross Day

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Vinod Chandrashekhar Dixit

World Red Cross Day is used to celebrate by lots of the people in the World on the 8th May for playing an important role in saving many of the life of the people and also to help the people who come in the vulnerable areas.It is used to celebrate the Birthday of the Dunant Henri who made the Red Cross Committee of the International which is called as the (ICRI) in 1863 in the Country of Switzerland of Geneva.

World Cross Day is used to celebrate to make the people survive from many types of Natural Calamities and other problem which makes the life to get distracted. It is very necessary for the people to maintain many of the tasks particularly to manage the things in a right manner. The Red Cross Movement a reactive in bringing assistance without discrimination, to the wounded on the battlefield and endeavor in their international and national capacity, to prevent and alleviate human suffering,wherever it may be found.

World Red Cross Day is celebrated to give the people much more relief and also harmony from many Disasters that takes place in many of the Countries for the fight for their rights. World Red Cross Day is also used to help many of the people to decrease the death rate of the people when there is an Epidemic illness. It makes people save their life by providing them with every help when they require for saving their life in many bad conditions.

Red Cross gave many times its presence and it will always be present for those who need it. The only thing that we should consider as residents of this world is supporting this Organization. Since this is a non-profitable organization and it is not a governmental agency, all support is extremely valuable and highly appreciated. Some of the services that the Red Cross provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week are: emergency services, health and safety services, homeless services, services to the armed forces, transportation services, services to seniors and international tracing.

There are many reasons why people are used to acting according to the ruling Government to save their life for their future growth in life. It is easy for people to carry many easy tasks to make people generate a proper way to get their tasks to be complete in a better way. People are reluctant to allow many of the tasks to be fulfilled with many of the ideas and plans to focus on their tasks to complete without any problem. Government tries to saves life of lots of people to manage the things which are very tough to handle and tackle for the welfare of the people.

It is quite important to focus on the right activities to be fulfilled by the people in the right way. The government had many of the ideas and plans to grow the Nation and make it strong for making it safe from the attacks of any War. It makes many of the Civil Services, Communities as well as Members to give help for the disasters of the Health in many of the vulnerable conditions. It makes the people restore the respect of the people for their better management of the work in many of the places.

Conventions of the Geneva is used to solve the problems of the Warring Nations.It is used to provide the people with every type of security from any War or dangerous conditions occurring in any Country. Many people are used to encouraging to save their lives and also to look after other victims. So it is essential for people to generate every idea and plans to save many of the lives with proper care and situation handling and tackling.