What is in a name

Krishna Mohan


“What is in a name? The rose, by any other name, will smell as sweet”, says William Shakespeare. However, some names sometimes may cause embarrassment and make  the holder of that name the butt of a joke.

A classic example is that of a lady in Kerala, who by chance has the name Corona. During the Covid-19 pandemic, you can imagine the embarrassment she might have undergone. Unfortunately for her, she was also a candidate in the local body elections in her panchayat. How hilariously would  the people  have greeted her saying ’Corona comes, Corona comes!’.

Parents, who do not want their children have common names go after rare names. I had a friend, whose name was Usha.G. She used to tell me that her parents wanted everyone to respect her and named her ‘Ushaji’.

People have started going for funny names of late. Sansa is such a name which came into popularity after the popular show “Games of Thrones”. Mowgli is a name out of the Jungle Book and Cricket, as all of us know is derived from the popular game.

Banjo is the name of a musical instrument. Diezel Ky is the name of Toni Braxton’s child, which probably struck her when she was working in the jeans section. Her other son is named ‘Denim.”

Kal-El was the original name of Superman before he landed on the earth. In Kryptonian, it means “the voice of god”.

Satchel, is a literal word for a small bag, is the name of popular director Woody Allen and actress Mia Farrow’s son. They were inspired by Satchel Page.

‘Egypt’ is the name of singer Alicia Key’s and producer Swizz Beatz’s son. People consider it a rare  name.

Buddy Bear is a name you can go for, if your kind resembles a bear! But have a thought for him also! Tiamii is a funny girly name, an amalgamation of Amy and Thea. Bluebell Madonna, Fifibelle (belle means beautiful), Apple, Destry (war horse), Tu Morrow, Sunday, Jermajesty, Adeline, Audi, and Sparrow  are some other names people suggest and go for.

Well, so far so good. However, just imagine somebody names their son “Kuber” and in actual life he becomes a very poor man! The parents can’t help it, but he will have a reason to resent the name, isn’t it?