The police establishment or institution across India has proved through the relentless efforts of its personnel working as frontline warriors during the peak pandemic period that the 21st century police cannot be a brute force but will have to be a civilized unit and must have utmost patience in dealing with challenging situations such as pandemic riots and protests. The people of the world’s largest democracy do stand in ovation to the men in Khakis for their tremendous contribution during the tough times. However, the force needs to adopt new technology and psychological solutions in order to control and divert the minds of the rampaging crowds during protests or riot-like situations. This has come true in the present situation in India when we find police force dealing with unprecedented situations quite aptly handled by the men in khaki. As of today there is a dire need for the police force to wipe out the remnants of its alleged brute image from the minds of the people. It is an acknowledged fact that in India the atrocious experience of the people at the hands of men in Khakis during British rule did not vanish even after India attained freedom in 1947, the remnants of which still tarnish the image of the force today. The situation across the nation has been such that the language of freedom is no longer the common tongue spoken by the citizenry. Instances though rare of exploitation at the hands of those who are supposed to be our saviours continue to make headlines. The stories about law enforcers in Khakis seemingly becoming the saviours of those in power and not that of the common man hit the stands even today. Lodging of an FIR with the police is no less than a herculean task for the common man and the same police take least possible time to trace and recover the lost buffalo of a minister or the lost puppy of a celebrity. It needs to be realized by those in governance that the State can touch the pinnacle of glory only if its Law enforcers perform their duty with due diligence adapting to the changed scenario, thus ensuring peaceful environment with people having full faith in them. Across the nation the situation not only in far flung areas but even in the capital cities is still far from satisfactory, not to talk of optimum standard. In some rarest of the rare cases it has been reported that keeping in mind the agony and trauma that generally has to be undergone while getting an FIR registered and thereafter, people prefer to bear the victimization at the hands of criminal rather than approaching enforcement institution. Despite having formulated multiple programmes including regular Police Public meetings and interaction sessions, the situation on ground despite witnessing commendable improvement is far from the expected level. However, in the current scenario when this force in Khaki is working 24X7 to enforce peace, law and order, their patience can be well gauged from the fact that despite being stone pelted by some disgruntled elements, being targeted by the terrorists, etc, they continue to relentlessly provide healing touch to the people. The whole nation stands behind them in every hour of deep crisis. It would not be wrong to state that the force has really undergone commendable transformation for which it deserves standing ovation from one and all across the nation. It is hoped that the Khaki force of India will maintain its present image that is the result of relentless efforts of its personnel to safeguard the nation and the life of the people in the ongoing tough times.