Weight loss on mind? Opt for healthy lifestyle, not Detox diet

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New Delhi: Detox diet, the hottest fad to hit the town, after making the entertainment industry crazy over it, is in reality, nothing short of a myth!
According to leading Nutritionist Lavleen Kaur, ‘People generally claim they need to ‘detoxify’ their body. All that Detox drinks do is, they pack essential nutrients and vitamins, while reducing the overall calorie intake, leading to weight loss.
‘Why go for artificial stuff, when we have our very own detoxifiers? Organs like lungs, liver and kidneys work naturally round-the-clock to cleanse our body,’ the Chandigarh-based Health expert told UNI on Sunday.
Talking about carbohydrates, which is dubbed as a ‘Villain’ in healthy diet by weight-watchers, Dr Kaur said, ‘Carbs make you gain weight is such a myth. It is the type and quantity of the carbs you eat, not carbohydrates themselves that cause weight gain.’
She said that complex carbs raise blood glucose more slowly, require less insulin, and keep one full longer, whereas simple or refined carbs spike the insulin level, leading to frequent hunger pangs and ultimately, the person ends up eating more calories.
Speaking on maintaining regularity in diet and workout, she said one of the biggest lies ever been told is that one may binge one night and then work out some more sets in the gym the next day to compensate.
‘One must just carry on as usual, keeping a tab on one’s food after that incident, because the body is not storing the extra food and energy separately for burning out the next day,’ Dr Kaur added.
Responding to a question on emerging dietary trends one should look out for, recipient of the Most Promising Youngest Dietitian in North India award said that she feels traditional Indian food has always been, is currently and will remain, the best food trend for Indians.
Indian kitchen is a pharmacy in disguise, with all the spices, apart from giving the curries and vegetables a distinct flavour, also have medicinal properties.
‘The food in our genes, which has been eaten since ages by our ancestors, has shaped us to become what we are today and is best suited for our environment. All other food trends are fads which come and go, while this one will stay,’ she added.
Speaking about the calories-conscious lot, Dr Kaur said the weight loss industry today stands on the people’s obsession of being slim.
‘I will say, the entertainment industry has had a noticeably big role to play in promoting this obsession. People are obsessed about the number on the scales, and not having a healthy body, which should be treated as a temple. We forget that the only way to honour this temple is by eating sensibly, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and following the body clock,’ she remarked. (By Ujwal Jalali)