Weekly prediction

Aries: Authority is on your side. Life will be organised. Let intuition be your guide. Intent on what you want and it will become a reality.

Lucky colour: White, lucky number- 2

Taurus: Negativity has bonded with you. Hence future is not clear. May will bring good results.

Lucky colour: Blue,lucky number- 5

Gemini: Delays at work will be beneficial. Travel plans will materialise in June. Passions will turn into business.
Lucky colour: Red, Lucky number: 3

Cancer: Good news is on the way. All the projects will be materialised soon. Higher studies is possible.
Lucky colour: YelloW, Lucky Number: 6

Leo: After the heart breaks, good news comes. Partnerships are good for you. Life will be in balance.
Lucky colour: Red, lucky number: 2

Virgo: You are being stubborn about some offers. Travel is possible but will not be satisfactory.
Lucky colour: Yellow, Lucky number: 4

Libra: Relationships of the past are to be forgotten completely. You will now enter a peaceful zone of life. Expect good news from every corner.

Lucky Colour: Green, Lucky number: 8

Scorpio: Frustrations are going to be a past thing for you. Projects will complete with success. You will get a nod from authorities.

Lucky Colour: Yellow,Lucky Number: 7

Sagittarius : Offshore business plans will work from June. You will be satisfied with the results.
Lucky Colour- Blue, Lucky Number- 9

Capricorn : Professionals will have a good time. Workshops will be fruitful. Indecisiveness needs to be tackled.
Lucky Colour: Green, Lucky Number: 8

Aquarius: Delays around money is the result of some mischief. You may need to re work to make your goals fruitful.
Lucky Colour: Blue, Lucky number: 7

Pisces: Life is running fast got you. All your hard work is paying results. New business ventures will be fruitful.
Lucky Colour: White,
Lucky Number: 2