Weekly prediction

Aries: Things have not been working out for you despite hard work. You need to assess the situation before travelling for work.

Lucky colour: white, lucky number- 5

Taurus: Ego will not take you places. Learn as a student and take a decision no matter what. Outcome will be positive in all cases.

Lucky colour: Yellow, Lucky number- 2

Gemini: Think before investing in the market. You may make wrong choices. Health will be good after a long time.

Lucky colour: Yellow, Lucky number: 8

Cancer: Intuition will guide you to places. Anger should be a driving force for success. A young person will bring good news.

Lucky colour: Blue, Lucky Number: 2

Leo: A long standing emotional problem needs to be addressed. Eyes could be a problem. Meditation is must.

.Lucky colour: White, lucky number: 7

Virgo: Success is to be celebrated. The next success needs hard work again. Be prepared.

Lucky colour: Red, White,Lucky number: 1

Libra: Be aware of jealousy. Be grounded and disciplined. You will be protected from evil eyes.

Lucky Colour: Red, Lucky number: 3

Scorpio: Have you wished from a falling star recently? Life is a dream come true. Enjoy every bit of it.

Lucky Colour: Green, Lucky Number: 2

Sagittarius : You were about to purchase a property but things have come to a halt. Let the time pass. Good news is on the way.

Lucky Colour- Black, Lucky Number- 7

Capricorn: Things are looking good. Be careful of over trusting. Success in marriage and business is guaranteed.

Lucky Colour: Yellow, Lucky Number: 7

Aquarius: A business letter or tender approval is on the way. Success is on the cards.

Lucky Colour: Brown, Lucky number: 1

Pisces: Financial success is on the cards but negative thinking has made you miser. Think forward.

Lucky  Colour: White,

Lucky Number: 9

Geetika Gupta Mahajan,

Tarot card reader and Angel therapist

Access consciousness Healer