Weekly prediction

Aries: Things are going smooth for you. Pregnancy is in the cards. Good time to invest in car or house .


Lucky colour: Blue, lucky number- 7


Taurus: Travel related plan abroad are yet going to work out in this pandemic for you. Keep faith and get the paper work ready.


Lucky colour: Green, Lucky number- 4


Gemini: Forgiveness is the key to success. You will get support of authority. Avoid procrastination.

Lucky colour: Yellow, Lucky number: 8


Cancer: Higher education is on the cards. All good dead’s will bring results beyond imagination.

Lucky colour: Blue,Lucky Number: 3


Leo: Confidence is the key to success. Think beyond the box. Hard work will pay results.

.Lucky colour: White,, lucky number: 5



Virgo: Health or business falling is passé. Luck is on your side. Be careful of a close one being treacherous towards you.

Lucky colour: White,,Lucky number: 4


Libra: Neck ache is due to tendency of looking in the past. Delegate work to others. Expect good news from friends.

Lucky Colour: Red, Lucky number: 6




Scorpio: You have been too giving off late. This has lead to attracting jealousy and frustration. Go for meditation.


Lucky Colour: Blue, Lucky Number: 3



Sagittarius : Confusion May lead to indeciveness. Listen to advise of mother or wife. Don’t experiment on the unknown.

Lucky Colour- Black, Lucky Number- 7


Capricorn: Be careful before entering into a venture. Be open to confidence and opportunities.

Lucky Colour: Yellow, Lucky Number: 8


Aquarius: Expect promotion mews. Politics at work could stress you out. Be on guard for whatever people try to make you believe.

Lucky Colour: Brown, Lucky number: 5


Pisces: Walk our of relationships that are not working for you. Use intuition and take professional decisions.

Lucky Colour: Green,

Lucky Number: 2


Geetika Gupta Mahajan,

Tarot card reader and Angel therapist

Access consciousness Healer