‘We kept our promise regarding SRO-202’: BJP Spokesperson Darakhshan

JAMMU: Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) Spokesperson Dr Darakhshan Andrabi on Tuesday welcomed the acceptance of demand of J&K youth pleaded strongly by the Party since last many days.
Andrabi said, “We had submitted a memorandum to the J&K Government to abolish the SRO 202 which was discriminatory and anti-youth. We are thankful to the Lt Governor led administration that now this discrimination with youth has been done away with.”
She said that it was the assurance of the Union government led by PM Modi to unify J&K with rest of the country at all levels and this move is yet another proof that BJP government at the centre fulfills its promises.
“We believe in one-nation one-law and now the long pending genuine demand of the SRO-202 appointees and unemployed youth is met. This takes effect with immediate effect and the posts advertised under New Recruitment Policy of J&K’ will get the benefit as promised by our government at New Delhi,” said Dr Darakhshan.
BJP Spokesperson said that the probation of earlier appointees under SRO-202 has been reduced to two years as is in practice throughout the country. “During Covid-crisis on the request of the SRO-202 appointees, the party had submitted a detailed memorandum to LG just three weeks ago and we are happy to see that the decision in this respect has been taken by the LG Administration within a very short span of time,” said added.