Virat Matra Pitra Poojan Held At R. S. Pura


A  grand “Matra Pitra Poojan” was  held  at R. S Pura, Jammu by  Akhil Bhartiya Dharam Prachar Sewa Samiti,  Jammu Kashmir on concluding  day  of   Shrimad Bhagwat Katha and hawan Yagya  under the Presidentship of  Sant Shri Umeshanand ji Maharaj

According to press release, Swami Umeshanand  speaking on the occasion  emphasized that the pillars of Sanatan Sanskriti i.e. Ganga, Geeta, Gau, Gayatri and  Gurushishya Parampara are being ignored in present scenario where people  are busy  in fulfilling their  needs and  greeds only.

Speaking on the occasion Sh. Bhupinder Shastri Ji  expressed his views and said that this is the country of cultural values and evils of western countries shall be culminated through the practices like “Parents worship day”.

National Organizer of the Akhil Bhartiya Dharam Prachar Sewa Samiti,  Jammu Kashmir Sunil Sharma expressed that such events helps creating a sense of responsibility amongst children towards their parents. She said that 14th February called valentine day being celebrated by some followers of western culture started 15 to 20 years back in India but now is being celebrated throughout the week and followed by young generation blindly leading them to nowhere. Such practices shall not be promoted in our country.

Mr. Parshotam  Sharma, Secretary of the Samiti thanks to the people of Jammu for their whole hearted co-operation in making the Matra Pitra Poojan  a grand success.