Vinayaka Chathurthi celebrated in TN with religious fervour

Vinayaka Chathurthi celebrated in TN with religious fervour

Chennai, Sep 18  Vinayaka Chathurthi, the birthday of the Elephantine God,

considered to be the remover of all obstacles, was on Monday celebrated across

Tamil Nadu with religious fervour and traditional gaiety.

Tens and hundreds of temples of Lord Ganesha across the State, were given a

facelift and tastefully democrated and illuminated for the week-long festivities.

All the temples across the State were opened as early as 4.00 am in the morning

and special anhishekams and poojas were performed to mark the occason..

A large number of devotees thronged the temples, which witnessed milling crowds

right throughout the day on the occasion.

Thousands of people were seen queued up to offer prayers for the Elephantine God

on this auspicious day to seek wisdom, knowledge and absolution from past sins.

Special music and cultural events and Annadhanams (free meals) were also provided

to the devotees to mark the occasion.

All the temples of Lord Ganesha, including smaller ones in every nook and corner of

all the streets and by residential associations in apartments, were given a fresh coat

of paint and illuminated to mark the occasion.

Special poojas and abhishekams were also performed and prasadams distributed to

the devotees.

People thronged markets last evening and also today to purchase clay idols of

Lord Ganesha along with an umbrella and the traditional ‘Arugamboo’ (flower)

garland which will be placed in their homes and offered prayers.

‘Sweet Kozhukattais’, a cooked rice flour dumpling filled with coconut and jaggery,

which is considered the favourite food of Lord Ganesha, was prepared at almost all

the houses and offered to the Lord as prasadam.

As has been the practice every year and that has been taking place for more than

three decades–except for two years during the COVID pandemic–a giant 150 kg

kozhukattai was offered to Sri Uchi Pillayar and Sri Manicka Vinayagar temples

ensconced in the famous Tiruchy’s Rockfort Sri Thayumanaswamy Temple atop

a hill.

But this age-old recipe has been tweaked during the celebrations since 2007 at

the two temples. Instead of the regular dumpling, the ingredients of the sweet’s

outer cooked rice dough parcel and fillings are mixed and steamed together.

The ‘Kozhukattai’ here is supersized to 150 kilograms, and the offering was halved

into servings of 75 kg each for distribution to devotees at the two shrines on this

auspicious day.

It is made up of 60 kgs of jaggery mounds, 50 kgs of rice flour, 30 litres of clarified

butter (ghee) and six kgs of shredded coconut and all would be combined with

about four kgs of cardamom, nutmeg and sesame seeds.

As has been the norm every year, the festival was celebrated by installing

thousands of idols of various hues and sizes across the State.

The idol makers will come out with novel way every year and this year with

the success of India’s Lunar Mission, an idol of Lord Ganesha with the

model of Chandrayaan-3 was made.

Apart from this, Lord Ganesha emerging out from a giant coconut, which

was broken into two with the top half getting lifted showing Ganesha offering

darshan to the people at Salem.

Tight police security have been provided in all the places were the idols were


Tamil Nadu Director General of Police Shankar Jiwal said 75,000 police personnel

were deployed on security duty for the idols, which would be taken in a procession

and immersed in sea and other bodies identified by the police and district officials

on Sunday next (Sep 24) marking the culmination of the wekk-long festivities.

In Chennai, a total of 1,343 Idols of Lord Ganesha of several sizes and in various

avatars were installed in various parts of the city.

Round-the-clock tight police security were being given to all the idols across the state.

Tamil Nadu Governor R.N.Ravi and Leaders of various political parties extended Vinayaka

Chathurthi greetings to the people of the State.