US looking to ink MoU on health with India

New Delhi: Joe Biden administration is looking to sign an “overarching” Memorandum of Understanding on health cooperation with India.
State Department spokesperson Ned Price said this on Monday at a news briefing, adding that cooperation between the countries builds on decades of successful partnership in health and biomedical research.
“We look forward to an overarching MOU to enhance health cooperation between our two countries,” said Price.
“We are working together on developing diagnostics, therapeutics, vaccines to combat the disease and to recognise the importance of manufacturing critical drugs during this time and making them accessible globally,”
Asked about cooperation on combating the coronavirus, Price said the two sides are “partnering to strengthen the global response to COVID-19 on issues ranging from addressing infectious disease outbreaks, of strengthening health systems, to securing global supply chains.”
He said the US and India recently welcomed an initiative to collaborate through an International Center of Excellence in Research focused on infectious disease, including COVID-19 and other emerging threats.
He said India’s pharmaceutical sector is strong and well-established and has long played a central role in manufacturing lifesaving vaccines for global use.”We are pleased that the US pharmaceutical industry has been coordinating with Indian companies since the beginning of this pandemic.”