Unknown hurls stones at Chandrababu, stages ‘dharna’ at public meeting place at Krishnapuram

Tirupati: With the stone pelting, the TDP election campaign meeting turned chaos and prevailed tension for more than one hour as TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu staged ‘dharna’ at public meeting palce at Krishnapuram Thana in Tirupati on Monday .
After tumultuous welcome by TDP leaders and activists, Chandrababu Naidu participated in a road show rally from Railway station to Krishnapuram Thana via Nethaji Road(Karnala Street) and the rally was culminated in public meeting.
TDP state president Atchennaidu, MPs K Ramohan Naidu, Galla Jayadev, K Ravindra Kumar, contesting candidate Panapaka Lakshmi, former MLA Suguna.
While former CM Chandrababu addressing activists and supporters, an unknown youth pelted stones at him which , however, took sideways and injured some leaders and supporters who were there at that moment.
The incident was happened when TDP chief was on full swing tirade over Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy and condemning intentional curbs over Pawan Kalyan’s latest movies ‘Vakil Saab’ special shows which was meant for fans.
Suddenly, Chandrababu turned furious and challenged the person who was responsible for the stone pelting to come in front of him and saying that ‘ hey cowards come to me… useless fellows …tholutheesta(skin you off) …idiots.. ‘.
He also questioned right over the campaign vehicle that were there any police in the meeting? , and he came down the dais and sat on the road for protest along with TDP prominent leaders and Tirupati leaders.
The leaders gave slogans against CM Jagan saying that ‘idemi rajyam…dongala rajyam…dopidi rajyam’ and the supporters seriously condemned the soft attitude of police at the incident.
As the voices of activists raising against the state government and CM, the Additional SP Muniramaiah reached the place and tried his best to pacify Chandrababu and his followers in vain.
As the SP had not attended there, Chandrababu decided to stage a dharna at SP office and went there as protest rally along with huge number of activists.
At SP office, the leaders raised their voice against the police and CM Jagan and demanded immediate action against the responsible for stone hurling.
The ASPs Muniramaiah and Suparaja assured the opposition leader to take action against the responsible and will file a case immediately.

Chnadrababu Naidu , during heated argument with police officials, questioned them that was that the democracy, encouraging pelting stones at opposition leader with the malicious intention of CM Jagan.
He said that their party leader will lodge complaint with Central Election Commission(CEC) tomorrow in Delhi and they will also demand for deployment of para-military forces in Tiurpati for conducting elections as the state police were utterly failed in safeguarding the democracy.
Chandrababu gave written complaint to the top police officials against those who were responsible for stone pelting.
Later speaking to media persons, he termed the attack was the attack on democracy and he alleged that the Chief Minister’s hand was behind the incident. He stated that the YSRCP once again after recent local body elections exposed its highhanded nature and rowdyism.
‘This is not democracy , the state government is showing its rowdy nature openly, we got permission from police to conduct rally and meeting but this was not fair instigating cowards to pelt stones at an opposition leader, this was purely cowardice act of Jagan’, he averred.