Unfortunate to Turn ‘Water Crisis’ into ‘Water Politics’

Unfortunate to Turn 'Water Crisis' into 'Water Politics'

Lalit Garg
The people of Delhi are troubled by the severe water crisis for the last several days. The problem is that the water tankers are being run under tight security, so that there is no chance of violence over water. People facing water scarcity in the South Delhi region are collecting water drop by drop from water tanks and hand pumps and keeping their water containers chained. A similar sight was seen on Tuesday in the Kusumpur hill area of Vasant Vihar. This is worrying because if the situation continues like this, then this water crisis can turn into water conflict and violence at any time. It has often been seen that people do not hesitate to even take each other’s lives for water. The situation is worsening day by day due to scorching heat and less water being released into the river in Haryana. It should be the priority of the government to solve the water crisis of Delhi at the earliest.
Water crisis in Delhi is a problem of summer every year, but its ill-effects are increasing year after year. There is no doubt that the problem of water in Delhi is becoming serious due to the increasing population; If we look at the statistics, this is also true to a large extent. For example, the population of Delhi has increased tremendously in the last two decades. But only the increase in population is not the reason for the deepening water crisis in Delhi year after year.
The increase in the population of any city and especially the capital region of the world is a natural process, but the root cause of various problems and water crisis is the government elected by the population and the organizations working for it, rather than the population, which is the source of life. Water is not able to provide even one of the basic elements and basic needs of subsistence. This shows the failure of the government.
What kind of government is this, under whose rule people are awake night and night for every bucket of water? There are long queues where the water is reaching. Those who do not have money to buy water are forced to drink dirty water. Those who can buy are paying exorbitant prices. It is not that this is the condition of some areas. More than half of Delhi is longing for water like this. This is the stressful situation of every year. But the irony is that no one seems to care about what is needed for a permanent solution to the water crisis.
Politics is also the reason for the water crisis in Delhi. Disputes over water continue to happen in other states as well. The issue of who and how much is entitled to the water of rivers is not only complicated, but the politics of the states has made it more complicated. Discussions with Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh have been going on for nearly three years to provide additional water to Delhi. Talks are going on with the Haryana government for a long time as well. But now all the three states have expressed their compulsion. Generally, the water crisis in Delhi arises when the water in Yamuna gets less. The latest situation is that the water level of Yamuna River at Wazirabad barrage has gone down to six feet below normal. The water here comes from Haryana. Haryana is arguing that Punjab is not giving its share of water. That is, when Punjab gives water to Haryana, then it will give it to Delhi. If this is really so, then it is a very serious matter. From this it seems that the governments are doing politics regarding water.
It is worth noting that the Aam Aadmi Party is in power in Delhi and Punjab, while the BJP in Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. When there is Aam Aadmi Party’s government in Delhi and its government is in Punjab, why is it not ready to solve the problem? If Punjab gives water to Haryana, Delhi can get water. But why is there no serious solution to this problem? Why is politics being done on water? Why is the public being forced to groan for water?
It seems that our politicians, who are only thirsty for votes and want to quench their selfish thirst with this water. Before this water dispute of Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi tear our democratic fabric apart today, it is necessary to rise above petty selfishness and see it in the perspective of larger national interest and public interest. The best things in life are given by the Nature for free – water, air and love. And today it has become controversial, corrupt and false. It’s been enough. May 2022 is the year of solving Delhi’s public crisis.
India’s rivers have remained a major part of Indian life for centuries. The voices of the sages were articulated from their banks. From where the message of peace and love always came. The message of unity of our civilization, culture and diversity has been getting from these streams. The water from which the fields of people of all castes and classes are irrigated. In which crores of people wash their body and mind without any discrimination. Who is dissolving the poison of separation, discrimination, political selfishness in the water which quenches the thirst of not only humans but also animals and birds?
All these states may have their own technical and other reasons. They may be justified, but the kind of attitude shown by the Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi and Punjab and the BJP governments in Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh, hardly anyone will justify it. However, it should also be seen that how much water these states have for themselves. Delhi’s own geographical location and other compulsions are such that it cannot survive without getting water from other states. All the states belong to the same country, are neighbours, the citizens of all are also the same. In such a situation, if a state creates trouble by not giving water to a needy state, then it is a serious matter; it is a sign of polluted politics.
If such a serious water crisis arises in the capital of the country and that too every year, then questions are bound to arise on the governments. Apart from the water crisis, there are many other problems related to the common people like pollution etc. What are the governments doing after all? Delhi has its own government. The central government is also here. The highest court of the country also sits here. Despite being the centre of power, if lakhs of people yearn for water, then it must be considered as a result of the failure of the system.
Rivers connected different provinces but politicians are breaking it. Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal are parts of a united nation in the same way as human beings are parts of the body. Some government is incapable of protecting the public and on the other hand some government wants to take advantage of water dispute to shine its chair. These conditions are moving towards civil war. Which would not be possible for any authority to control? These situations are also creating apprehensions about our constitutional structure. There is a law for “river water”. It has become necessary that after reconsidering it, a decision should be taken in the larger interest of the country.
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