Turncoats in politics have no ideology

Mahadeep Singh Jamwal                                                                                            Turning coat is not a new coinage in politics but it is the politics of opportunism as no ideological strings are attached to it. Mostly this takes place when elections are round the corner. For political turncoats (one who switches to an opposing side or party) there is a single excuse. In such a change of loyalties, the turncoats always try to flatter their followers with the reasoning of giving the best delivery to them. The illiterate become prey to their soft cooling words but educated voters analyze the hidden agenda of such turncoats.
For the past sometime such a situation is much in debate in Jammu, when some once heavyweight god-fathers in a particular political party had always been targeting the party, which they have embraced now as their grooming mother. Generally it is seen that politicians change parties always for their political survival and are taken like the rats who are the first to leave the sinking ship.
The ‘Jammu Declaration’, is a common statement of a group of regional political outfits and social organizations from Jammu that came together some days after political parties in Kashmir came together and formed the People’s Alliance for ‘Gupkar Declaration’. We can easily comment, ‘Jammu Declaration’ was a repulsion to the ‘Gupkar Declaration’. Barring many mentions in both the declarations, we find the ‘Gupkar Declaration’ asking for restoring the special status of J&K after it was revoked in 2019 whereas ‘Jammu Declaration’ opposes the move to demote the erstwhile state of J&K to a union territory in 2019, and demands restoring statehood for the Jammu region.
The members of newly-formed ‘Jammu Declaration’ stressed on the continuous neglect that Jammu faced even after the abrogation of Article 370. The consequences of the Central Government’s decision to scrap the special status of the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir, and divide it, continue to unfold with a group of regional political outfits from Jammu coming together to demand a separate state. The Hindu-dominated region of Jammu, and political parties and members of several regional outfits, and other social organizations in Jammu, who have been celebrating scrapping of special status, restricted their demand only to restoring statehood. This was to be an open and vocal opposition to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). We should not hesitate to mention that those champions of Kashmir-based parties in Jammu, were not part of the Jammu Declaration, but can be taken as supportive to ‘Gupkar Declaration’ in demanding restoration of the special status of J&K.
In Jammu largely people welcomed the transition with mute celebrations and hoped to look towards an end to an “Era of Discrimination”, but there were also who protested against the decision to withdraw the special status of Jammu and Kashmir. These reactions reflect the region’s diversity on contemplation. A collective fight for the Jammu cause in view of the persistent neglect and deprivation faced by the people is the mature decision, but practically we can say that there are too many cooks for the cause spoiling the broth. The obvious aim is to be the ‘Chief Chef’ as all cooks once have been in the position of dominating chefs. Thus all are resonating for the cause of Jammu like seasonal frogs, trumpeting from different corners of the pond to register their presence. No doubt by virtue of elections that may be for MP, MLA, DDC, BDC, Sarpanch, Panch or corporate, we can deduce that BJP has gained edge in Jammu region and was badly beaten in Kashmir. But regarding delivery on ground, the BJP is in an abysmal position. I won’t hesitate to say that the hesitancy towards BJP is because of the reason that in every aspect of development the lion’s share has been claimed by BJP in Jammu district, making the people of other districts dislike the party.
Almost two years after the abrogation of Article 370, the state of Jammu & Kashmir is witnessing hectic political activity these days which have led to a whole new level of backdoor political activities. The recent DDC polls have seen the redrawing of political lines and the emergence of a new leadership that has compelled old players in various political parties to rethink about their loyalties. Some staunch heavy weight pursuers of Kashmir based political ideology are changing their loyalties and are inclined and proclaiming to dedicate their loyalties and to exert for the cause and in support of ‘Jammu Declaration’. Otherwise too they have no other agenda to attract the voters except the much talked discrimination against Jammu. They have made little or no contribution towards the development of Jammu when they were in power. The politician’s mind is not a logical or consistent place. No wise man ever thinks that a turncoat should be trusted. The people of J&K want a democratically elected government. The Delimitation Commission is yet to complete its exercise. Many rumors are doing the rounds and there is an atmosphere of uncertainty in J&K.
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