Traffic resumed on J&K highway after day-long suspension

Jammu : The vehicular traffic on the Jammu-Srinagar national highway resumed early Wednesday after being suspended for a day, officials said.

Light motor vehicles and private cars are allowed to travel in both directions on the highway, a traffic police official said. However, heavy motor vehicles are restricted to one-way traffic from Jakhani (Udhampur) towards Srinagar, he added.

“Traffic was resumed on the highway following a day-long suspension,” the official said.

He said there is slow movement between Ramban and Banihal due to poor road conditions and the movement of nomadic flocks.

Commuters are advised to follow lane discipline to avoid congestion.

The highway was closed on Tuesday for unspecified reasons, though sources indicated it was for repair and maintenance work.

Meanwhile, the Mughal Road and Bhaderwah-Chamba Road are open for traffic.

The traffic police official also said that there was slow movement on the highway due to the breakdown of five heavy motor vehicles, movement of 10 nomadic flocks and single-lane traffic at several points, including Dalwas, Mehar, Panthyal, Magerkote, Nachlana, Gangroo, and Shalgari.

Passengers and operators are advised to travel during daylight hours to avoid inconvenience due to the nomadic movement towards the Kashmir Valley and the risk of shooting stones between Ramban and Banihal.