Theatre can bring Ramrajya, says Prasanna in Natrang’s International Theatre Talk Show

Jammu: Natrang’s International Theatre Talk show on Sunday witnessed invigorating and inspirational vision of theatre of eminent theatre personality, Prasanna an eminent director, writer and social activist who is a recipient of prestigious Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for his contribution to the field.
Director Natrang, Padmashri Balwant Thakur expressed his gratitude towards the towering theatre personalities of international repute who enlighten the audience with their unique vision of theatre.
Introducing Prasanna, Natrang’s actor, Rahul Singh informed that Parsanna, a theatre director, writer and activist, is one of the pioneers of modern Kannada theatre.
He co-founded the influential theatre group, Samudaya, in the 1970s and has directed plays in Kannada, Hindi, Punjabi and English for various theatre repertories including National School of Drama, New Delhi, Rangmandal, Bhopal and Rangayana, Mysore.
In the political context of the nation to bring Religious tolerance and Gram Swaraj, Prasanna is leading the Socio cultural Movement called Hey Ram! (last word uttered by MK Gandhi). Through which they are organizing cultural various programmes.
In a very engaging discourse, a revered theatre personality and passionate social worker, Parsanna expressed his views about the theatre in reference to the present times of corona crisis.
He metaphorically characterized that Covid crisis has erupted as a catalyst; it has shaken many things/thoughts which were in vogue since long.
He asserted that the theatre teaches us discipline, punctuality, togetherness, collaborative efforts and beautifully related it with the struggle and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi. For him, theatre is beyond caste, religion, gender discrimination.
He gave an idiom that as the stage is in between earth and sky, actors are a medium for mediation between god and people.
Being a persistent reformist, he quoted that in theatre, Janta is Janardan, and if some people have spoken about Socialism instead of God in their theatre, don’t misunderstand that they are speaking about something different, God belongs to the working people, Socialism speaks of God.
He believes in simplicity in theatre and cautioned that theatre practitioners need to learn to use the available resources and leave the extravagance as the same may not be permitted due to the aftermath of this corona crisis.
Anil Tickoo, Neeraj Kant, Suresh Kumar, Sanjeev Gupta, Vikrant Sharma, Sumeet Sharma, Aarushi Thakur Rana, Mohd. Yaseen, Gauri Thakur, Pankush Verma, Vrinda Sharma and Rahul Singh coordinated the event.