India has been a timeless fountain of peace and an ancient source of traditions and faiths besides the communal harmony being time tested. Despite this the nation is facing grave threat on account of religious hatred and intolerance today. How people are being befooled by politicians is an open secret now, be it the Uniform Civil Code, Gender Equality, CAA, Farmers’ Laws or any other issue and sometimes even the non issues being turned into hot issues under the garb of religious misinterpretation by them. What an Irony that these issues are raked up especially when the elections draw near as if raising such issues is an essential curtain raiser to the exercise of franchise. The secular ethos of India should have shown the path of non-violence and peace to the whole world but despite the majority of people across the world realizing the significance of Gandhian philosophy and mutual tolerance of various religions, a section of derailed elements across the globe have denigrated the religious sanctity by resorting to violence in the name of religion. Today humanity is passing through a critical phase with terrorism being the greatest threat and it is really unfortunate that there are unabated attempts by certain sections to link terrorism to religion to protect their vested interests at the cost of Humanity. In furthering their personal agenda such elements are hell bent upon creating the communal divides especially on the basis of religion thus spreading hatred to keep the pots boiling. It is quite surprising that despite being at the receiving end the common people get befooled by the so called leaders very easily least realizing the game plan behind such hatred that ultimately leads to violence and bloodshed. The merchants of death and destruction will continue to succeed in their ulterior plans till the common people understand the ground realities. The height of the things is that even the religious heads have been coerced by such elements so that there remains no scope for correct interpretation. As of today, it is for the people to realize the gravity of their miseries that have befallen on them due to their own follies. They need to understand that every religion preaches peace, tolerance and brotherhood. Each religion has made great contributions for the people of the world at large and not only for those who belong to that religion. While we find derailed minds in communities following different faiths and religions, these elements can be brought back easily to the peaceful mainstream, provided they are made aware about the essence and realities of their religions. In fact it is the duty of the religious heads and preachers of different communities who need to come out of the clutches of the denigrated elements in the society who are goading them to suit their agenda thus keeping the whole globe under the sporadic cover of terrorism. All the people in India, the Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, Buddhists, Parsis, believers, non-believers, are an integral part of this nation and have shown their strength of living harmoniously despite some instances of people falling into the lure or trap and getting derailed. Today yet again it is a testing time for them to rise to the occasion. Sane elements of all communities need to shoulder the responsibility in this regard by adopting proactive strategies so that none indulges in any sort of hatred and intolerance for which there is no room in a civilized society.