While moral education is sin qua non for moulding children into the best future citizenry for the nation it is quite unfortunate to find that despite a robust opinion having echoed in the society for inclusion of moral education in the school curriculum, the said opinion could not get translated on ground till date. At one stage even an official order was passed in this regard in the erstwhile State but it never witnessed light of the day which is evident from the fact that no activity of the kind is visible on ground in this Union Territory. It is a fact that the vision of the state lies in the hands of school children as they are filled with tremendous towering ambitions all set to step into the youth stage of life to become the future citizenry and contribute towards nation building. It will be only wastage of this future human resource if there is even the slightest shortcoming in providing the school going children proper guidance and direction in leading the nation towards achieving the highest place in the world order. However, in view of the reported instances though rare about some teenagers indulging in antisocial and antinational activities like committing crimes or even joining the militant ranks, there is a dire need to push ahead this initiative with full vigour. It needs to be realized that there is a flaw in educating the children in the schools as well as at homes as a result of which the society has to pay a heavy price later. There is a need to address this issue at the earliest as it does not only ruin the children’s future but poses serious threat to the nation’s integrity and security. To address this vital issue it seems that there is a need to focus on value based education of which moral education is the most significant component. It is desired that all the Govt as well as private schools impart moral education daily at least in a 30-minute session, besides ensuring that the timing of the session be appropriately scheduled immediately after the morning prayers. In this regard there should be a proactive monitoring by the officers of Education Department. After all it needs to be realized that though the primary role of young people is to receive good education in order to become better citizens of tomorrow. Moreover, the process of moulding is complex one involving multiple factors including cultural diversity and economic disparities. The way we nurture our children into confident, capable and committed citizens will determine the future of our Union Territory and the nation. The key to prepare them for nation building is to prioritize their moral education besides the routine sharpening of their mental faculties, technical skills, professional competence, and awareness about their social responsibilities. It is hoped that the Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha takes serious note of this significant issue and initiates appropriate measures to impart moral education which is still a missing component in curriculum at school level.