The precious Indian philosophy ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbhakam’ is a time tested philosophy which has survived multiple onslaughts during various centuries in this subcontinent. The philosophy that believes the whole world to be a family eulogizes the significance of good relations with all around the world especially the neighbouring nations. The world acknowledges this philosophy and it is based upon this philosophy that India does not have expansionist ambitions and it wants better ties with its neighbours. However it is quite unfortunate that our immediate neighbours be it Pakistan or China do not realize this truth and as such they can’t be expected to reciprocate on these lines. The intensions of these neighbours are time tested and the same is true even today. This is evidenced by the fact that the situation on Line of Control (LoC) which has been witnessing repeated ceasefire violations has been calm for the past some time, but at the same time Pakistan establishment in which army and its intelligence agency ISI rules the roost, continues to drop weapons and narcotic drugs with the help of drones with the ultimate aim of promoting and supporting terrorism and bleed India with a thousand cuts through its manufactured army of terrorists whom it facilitates in infiltrating into India. Similarly China after having been compelled to bite the dust along LAC in Ladakh seems to have gone into an intentional hibernation to strike back again with multiplied strength. In such a situation India needs to exercise extraordinary caution and alertness. While India has been handling the situation quite aptly till date there is no doubt about the fact that handling the issues of concern for the world’s largest democracy very carefully and properly the coming time will compel the nation’s neighbours to realize the essence of Vasudev Kutumbhakam in the present day world order and they too will follow this time tested precious philosophy which will definitely go a long way in establishing peace in this subcontinent. India has been consistently making it crystal clear and that too in unambiguous terms that it India only wants to defend its borders against infiltration and transgression from across the frontiers and the same should be stopped immediately by our neighbours. Only then we will be ready to take lead to improve ties with neighbours like Pakistan and China without compromising the honour and dignity of the nation. It is high time that those at the helm of affairs in the Pakistani establishment as well as in China realize the essence of peace and tranquillity in today’s world and initiate sincere efforts to be the players of peace in true spirit. Pakistan is already struggling hard against its own created terror networks while the Chinese have also not remained untouched with their Xinjiang province dominated by Muslims being the worst hit by the terrorist violence. Therefore both Pakistan and China must mend their ways at the earliest failing which there is no doubt about these two mischievous nations of the subcontinent meeting their doom very soon.