Rudra absolutely loved the crisp air of Kailash.
There was a very pleasing aroma in the air always, which Rudra thought, “was the smell of freshness itself.”
There was no sense of time; only the golden sunrise and sunset would indicate dawn and dusk.
He loved all the birds and beasts that came to visit the mountains from the forests at their baseline. They were in absolute contrast to the people He had known in the city. Always natural, always spontaneous, always unabashed in their play, unlike the contrived displays in speech and gestures in the mannerisms of society. These beasts were exactly the kind of beings that would be termed ‘Uncouth’, He thought to Himself, but smiled because His own spirit resonated with them. “This is the way to be; in the lap of Nature itself, where one is natural,” He thought.
Such was His understanding from the jungle, where life lived itself out in perfect harmony. Even when there was an established food chain, even where the lion was a King, the deer had his share of the waters, his share of the mountains, his share of life. You didn’t compete with anyone else; you just spent a lifetime discovering the miracle of life. And that too, not by analysis and dialectics, but simply by the act of living ,itself.
The harmony of the jungle was in stark contrast to the deceit that existed in the city. The conniving pursuits of men, and ironically, even the demigods amazed Rudra. He noted that they frequently devised schemes and made plots in the name of a larger good, when actually, all they wanted, was to carve out their own little kingdoms, away from the already existing kingdom of Nature itself.
But the lions of the jungle were not like that at all. They were natural kings, who ensured no wastage of life for game, no plunder, and certainly no divisive schemes.
Rudra liked the lions’ way. So there He was, growing in the jungle, not in the kingdom, yet easily fitting into the role of a true King. The lion’s way robed Him with one virtue after yet another.

(Excerpted from ~ SHIVA, The Ultimate Time Traveller.
A modern re -telling of the story of Great God Shiva and Sati by Shail Gulhati, a Jammu based Shaivite Author)