The calm in His eyes, even after having all the venom offered by the world, in return for His goodness.
This calm shows that Shiva knows who He is, what He is;
This is what makes Shiva visibly the Supreme.
There is a hindi adage ” Anyone can live for themselves, but to live for others, that is true sublimity”
Such is the very design of Nature, that we all have the survival instinct, and thus we think only for ourselves.
But Shiva has known a long time ago that mere survival is not life.
Similarly over the past few thousand years, Nath yogis , who are also old souls, have developed the mystic science of the chakra system . They believe that survival is at the base chakras.
They agree we all need Food. clothing, shelter and conjugal needs, but then we outreach these to higher discover more to life.
With the same calm in His eyes, and love in His heart, Shiva the teacher supreme, teaches us that Life is not just a format, a regulated pattern, a spread sheet in a presentation, what distinguishes Humans from robots is the very acknowledgement that :
Life is emotions
Life is togetherness
Life is vision
Life is love
Life is God realisation
There has always been the presence of ‘cold blooded action’,
which is now passed off as thinking coolly from the mind.
And there has always been a decision from the heart
which is the one that forgives, and moves on towards the sublimity of the Heavens. This is the way of Shiva, Neelkanth, the one who’s throat is blue as a reminder of all the venom He has had for us.
Isn’t it time we too moved out of our base instincts and create a better world?
Aum Namah Shivaye.
(Shail Gulhati is a Jammu based Shaivite Author)