Tawi Trekkers holds one-day trek to Bhupnergarh fort

Trekkers at Bhupnergarh Fort gate during one-day trekking.

JAMMU: With the successful conduct of Bhupnergarh Fort trek, the first phase of series of one day treks being organised by Tawi Trekkers J&K is in full swing.
The club has so far organized five such treks from Dhergarh to Mansar, Mohoregarh to Mansar, Kattal Battal to Aitham via Paharh Devta and Devi Pindian trek during the last two months besides a six days trek from Dudu to Kaplash Kund in August last year and a reconnaissance at Leh for this year’s high altitude trek in that area during August.
“The Bhupnergarh trek wherein about 85 trekkers, including 25 girls participated, started from the bank of Devak rivulet at the end of village Sarain, four kilometers from Nud on Samba- Mansar road. It was an extremely enjoyable experience for the budding trekkers to criss cross the shallow waters (two to six inches deep) of holy Devak, flowing calmly in the serene surroundings of two sandy walls of Shivalik hills rising high on both the sides,” informed president of Tawi Trekkers, Ram Khajuria.
During the trek the participants had an enchanting view of the Dhergarh Fort also, standing majestically at the edge of a towering hill. After four kilometres of beach trekking the group reached at the base of Bhupnergarh village where from they climbed a rock face of about 1.5 kms of mild ascent to reach Bhupnergarh Fort.
“After a hard trek and a panoramic view of the Bhupnergarh fort’s imposing gate in front of them the trekkers were filled with a sense of enjoyment and achievement. However, a close look of the so called fort displeased them with the condition of the structure. There was only a Darwaja in the name of a fort which too was in a badly dilapidated condition. The roof stones were hanging precariously and the heritage site seems to be at the end of its life if not renovated immediately,” said Khajuria.
The trekkers embarked upon their final destination to Mansar. Director Agriculture Production, Bal Krishan Sharma who also participated in the trek, however, stayed back for some time to have a brief meeting with some local officials.
About two kilometres of path through the village fields was quite refreshing but the tricky trail suddenly dropped deep down to the bed of a small naula.
Prominent among those who participated in the trek which was led by Sumit Khajuria and sponsored by Tourism Department Jammu, included Advisor of Tawi
Trekkers Professor Lalit Magotra, Co Chairman and president of the club
Zorawar Singh Jamwal and Ram Khajuria respectively; Principal of Oriental
Academy, Vivek Chauhan; Engineer with PDD, Rajeev Gupta; Managing Editor Sportsline, Sanjeev Sharma; senior advocate, Vikas Suri; treasurer and executive member of Mountaineering Association of J&K, Sushil Singh and Sonam Sidharth; senior members Sumit Singh and Shashikant Sharma; five international sport climbers including Shivani Chark, Shilpa Charak Ajay Deep, Arun Deep Singh and Mritunjay Sharma and officials of Tourism department.