Some time back the Government had launched a literacy programme called ‘Each One Teach One’, but given the ground situation it seems that the campaign has not been properly persuaded after its launch. It needs to be realized that this programme has immense significance for India where illiteracy is still on such a higher side that it becomes almost impossible to improve the socio economic condition of a substantial proportion of Indian population which is still shrouded in illiteracy and poverty. In such a situation this section of the population is unable to understand or realize what rights they are entitled to and how to claim these rights. The result is that this lot continues to be exploited the most by the elite class of the society till date. It is pertinent to mention here that ‘Each One Teach One’ is basically an African-American Proverb. It originated in the United States during the times of slavery, when Africans and African Americans were denied education, including learning to read. Slaves were kept in a state of ignorance about anything beyond their immediate circumstances which were almost under the control of the owners, the lawmakers and the authorities concerned. It was at that time when a slave learned or was taught to read, it became their duty to teach someone else, spawning the phrase ‘Each one teach one.’ It is an acknowledged fact that education is an important part of the human growth, without which it becomes quite difficult for a human to grow and flourish. Therefore the concept of ‘Each One, Teach One’ was founded upon the necessity of education and unity as fundamental principles for survival. Education is undoubtedly very important in the life of a human being as it plays the role of building blocks in life. It would not be wrong to say that education is the determining factor that goes a long way in leading individuals to success provided it covers all the aspects related to proper education including moral training, behavior, knowledge of self and kind, and understanding the world in general. Since this programme doesn’t seem to have produced the desired results till now there is a need to rejuvenate this programme. While the government alongwith some NGOs is doing its bit in this direction, today there is a need for re-launching of this programme not by the Government but by each and every educated citizen across the nation at individual level. Let all of them identify the illiterate in their respective vicinities and teach them the basics of not only the language, arithmetic or history but also about hygiene, health and morality. As per the phraseology of the proverb, either a single family as a whole may take up this task or even every individual at individual may get involved in this most needed and noble endeavour. The greatest advantage of ‘Each One, Teach One’ programme is that besides improving literacy it provides a lot of mental satisfaction to those involved in teaching someone or even to those who are just promoting the concept of spreading the awareness. The very idea of working for a social cause gives immense sense of satisfaction and peace of mind. So let one and all join this most noble endeavour that will completely transform the Indian society leaving least scope for exploitation of the illiterates through this simple programme. It needs to be kept in mind that all great revolutions have begun by taking a simple step that eventually led to marvelous results.