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Recipe | Kesariya Thandai

"Cool and refreshing Kesariya Thandai" RECIPE INGREDIENTS 10-12 Almonds 10-12 Cashew Nuts 25-30 Black Peppercorns 10-12 Raisins 10-12 Cardamom 1 tsp Poppy Seeds 1 tsp Fennel Seeds 1 tsp Melon Seeds 3 cups Milk 1/4 cup Sugar 1...

Recipe | Gond Ke Ladoo

"Rich, delicious and yummy Gond Ke Ladoo" INGREDIENTS 2 cups Whole Wheat Flour 1/4 cup Ghee Plus some more if required 1 cup Makhana Cut into small pieces 2 tbsp...

Recipe | Shahi-Dry Fruit Gujiya

"The festive dessert of deep fried pastry pockets, stuffed with dry fruits and sweetened coconut." RECIPE INGREDIENTS For the dough: 4 cups Maida 1/2 cup Ghee Melted For the filing: 200...

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