T Series Vs Pewdiepie The battle For Most Subscribed Channel


There’s an epic battle going on YouTube right now. And chances are most of us going about doing our daily chores are completely unaware of this major showdown.

This is the war for most-subscribed or followed channel on YouTube. The contenders are one-man Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie and our very own Indian label T-Series (That’s right. The Gulshan Kumar-founded music label.)

T-Series’ fast ascent to the crown has rattled many YouTubers. And trying to stop it in its tracks, PewDiePie has declared.

For the last five years, the controversial personality PewDiePie, known for his video-game commentary and jokes, has dominated the video platform. The channel’s videos have amassed over 19 billion views. His real name is Felix Kjellberg and he’s been on the list of influencers.

Kjellberg has rolled-out a massive operation asking people to subscribe to his YouTube channel and unsubscribe from T-Series.