Switch on the light of knowledge

Mata Amritanandamayi
Life is a continuous learning experience. There is a lesson to be learned from each and every experience in life. But, we need attentiveness and discernment to be able to recognise the lessons life is trying to teach us. Discernment is the “switch” that turns on the light of knowledge.
Those with discernment are able to understand the message behind each positive and negative experience in life and accept everything that comes their way with a smile.
Not only humans, but all living beings have an inherent desire to overcome the impediments to their growth. It is a natural instinct. So, no matter what problem we may face, we will always try to find solutions. In all areas of life, success comes only to those who make continuous effort with unflagging enthusiasm.
The qualities of patience, attention and faith go hand in hand. When we develop one, the others will spontaneously arise. To overcome any external or internal obstacle, we need these three qualities.
Our heart is like a parachute. If it opens, we can save ourselves and even others. On the other hand, if it fails to open, we will be in big trouble. If we could only begin to consider the needs of others before our own, we would be able to transform this entire Earth into heaven.
We bring nothing to this world when we come and we will take nothing with us when we leave. Speaking kind words and doing good actions, we should make our life a celebration. More than through receiving, it is through giving that we grow. What we give automatically comes back to us.
Let our lives become an offering that alleviates the pain of the suffering people. Today, so many suffer from illness and poverty. There are more than two billion people below the poverty line. Hundreds of millions of people are illiterate. We have a responsibility towards all of them. We need to provide them with food. We need to offer them the light of knowledge.
This is our duty. In essence, we are all one-all children from the same mother. May we realise this, our hearts uniting in love. It is not an economic or technological revolution that needs to take place, but a revolution arising from the heart-an inner revolution that makes us see others as ourselves, loving and serving all. This is Amma’s desire.
When one develops a meditative mind, all the words and actions arising of such a mind are filled with goodness. Many of the problems society faces today arise from speaking thoughtlessly. Water has its own limits. When it moves beyond its limits, it can harm people. Similarly, words have limits.
When words move beyond these limits, they can cause wide spread destruction. Words have incredible power.
A snake’s poison is stored in its jaw, and the scorpion’s in its tail. The poison of human beings is carried in their heart. Unless that poison is removed, the majority of the problems we see in the world today will not go away. A single infected mosquito can spread malaria to thousands of people. Similarly, a single heart filled with hatred can cause so much hurt and anger to those around them.
When our telephone is out of order, we call the telephone company to repair it; when our cable TV fails to receive programmes clearly, the cable company helps us; and when our internet connection is not working, the internet company fixes it. In a similar way, spirituality is the means to restore our inner connection with the Divine. For this we need the grace of a perfect master, or God.