Sushant Singh Rajput Turns 33 Today


Just like many who come with dreams in their eyes, a boy from Patna landed in Mumbai to conquer the city with his acting chops. He had out of his engineering course and gave up a scholarship to go to Stanford University to pursue his dream. That lad was none other than Sushant Singh Rajput.

From a background dancer in Shaimak Davar’s dance troupe to becoming one of the most promising faces in Bollywood, Sushant’s journey is an inspiring one. On the actor’s 33rd birthday today, we bring you some interesting insights about his life.

The actor said in interview, “Engineering wasn’t my choice. I wanted to be an astronaut, and later, an Air Force pilot. I remember tearing up my Top Gun poster when my parents told me that was not going to happen. Apparently, I was going to be an engineer. Maybe the drama I did that day should’ve given everyone a clue!”