Suri asks Government to revisit COVID-19 guidelines, curtail free movements

JAMMU: Expressing his grave concern over rising incidents of Coronavirus positive cases emerging from educational institutions of Jammu and Kashmir, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) J&K Executive Member Raman Suri on Thursday urged upon the Divisional Commissioner Jammu, Dr. Raghav Langer, to revisit the COVID-19 guidelines, effect changes if needed, enhance checking and direct officials of all the departments to run their affairs with minimum staff or by asking them to work on rotational basis, so that movement of people is lessened on roads and in institutions which, if not checked, will become prime cause of the spread of virus.
Raman Suri said, there is a dire need of curtailing public gatherings to minimum numbers be it in marriages or other social events, closing all educational institutions in one go by asking teaching faculty to switch over to online teaching mode, checking public transport system which is operating with full seating capacity, curtailing people’s movements in parks and gardens, discouraging shoppers from crowding places and enhancing market as well as institutional checking so that a data is collected for proposed action, if ever needed.
He said, it is well understood that people, especially business community, is not in favour of any lockdown but the answer to this harsh means of curtailing the spread of virus lies in lessening people’s movements or controlling the same by whatever means we all can. He said, there is no harm in talking to representatives of different business establishments, Bazar Associations, Jammu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sarafa Association Jammu and others, so that a way out can be found to curtail or control people’s movements.
Similarly, if all educational institutions have been shut, then asking teachers to remain physically present in schools for online classes sounds immature and not so feasible proposal. Since lakhs of teachers across the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir will be travelling through public transport or private vehicles, their movement is sure to cause the spread of virus anyway. In the same context, if all offices are being run on full capacities then also there are chances of the spread of virus.
Raman Suri said that a relook into the entire system will give us an insight into how we can collectively minimise the movement of people and adopt COVID-19 guidelines strictly. These few months are the months of saving lives and we must prioritise works accordingly. Running schools or other institutions like they used to function during normal days is not possible and keeping this in view, we must completely switch to online classes followed by online exams, curtail gatherings, enhance market checking and use social media to the core to spread awareness about maintaining social distance, using sanitizers, washing hands and also getting vaccinated as soon as possible.