Surge in Covid-19 positive cases in J&K has triggered fear among masses: Bhalla

JAMMU: Former Minister and senior Congress leader Raman Bhalla on Thursday criticized the Government for ignoring the common man in J&K. He said -BJP Government has lost its credibility due to its mis-governance, which led to the failure of government on all the fronts. He said problems like lack of basic amenities, unemployment and inflation has forced the common man to live in miserable conditions. He observed that this regime has antagonized all sections of people whether it is the youth, government employees, women or even children, this government has hurt every section of the society.
Bhalla raised serious concerns over the rise in the number of Coronavirus cases in Jammu and said that the COVID-19 mismanagement has led to the huge spike of cases. He said that an alarming surge in positive number of cases has triggered fear among the masses as the government fails to initiate the necessary guidelines to contain the Coronavirus pandemic.
“Hospitals including the converted COVID-19 healthcare institutions are crowded with the positive cases and mere treatment is being provided to them,” he said and added that the Health department needs to take utmost initiatives to cater patient care.
The Congress leader suggested that the government to take necessary precautions and actions to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 and also appealed to the people to cooperate with the administration by following all requisite SOPs. We can achieve the desired results and make the nation free from COVID-19 collectively.
“Now the coronavirus has become more dangerous than earlier. In such a situation, we all have to show seriousness. I appeal again to everyone to strictly follow the anti-Covid protocol of wearing masks, frequently washing hands and maintaining social distance. Even a little carelessness can be dangerous,” Bhalla said.
He hoped for early passage of deadly Covid-19 pandemic and appealed to the general public to adhere to SOPs, observe social distancing and follow other guidelines issued by the authorities from time to time in letter and spirit. He said most of the patients being tested during the second wave of infection are being found asymptomatic.
In the first wave, symptoms were being seen in patients and it was easy to identify and quarantine them, Bhalla, adding that identifying people with no symptoms is difficult without examination. Such a patient is not even aware of himself being infected, he added.
He said asymptomatic patients roam around without following protocols due to the lack of information and leads to the spread of the infection rapidly to other people. In such a situation, all people should follow the anti-Covid protocol seriously, he cautioned.
Addressing public meeting in Gandhi Nagar constituency, Bhalla regretted that people of the Jammu region are back stabbed by BJP leadership as the Party has brazenly abandoned its core agenda and has adopted indifferent approach towards problems of the masses.