Support Bharat Bandh: Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday gave the call to support the nationwide strike called by farmers against the three ‘contentious’ farm laws.
“Mr Modi, stop stealing from farmers! All the countrymen know that today is Bharat Bandh. Make our Annadata’s struggle successful by fully supporting it”, Mr Gandhi said in a tweet.
The Congress party has extended its full support to the farmers and has alleged that that the government is trying to divide the farmers instead of resolving their issues.
The grand old party also said that it is in full support of the Bharat Bandh which was called by the farmers for today and observed between 1100 hours to 1500 hours, wherein farmers got support flowing in from all directions from people, political parties and organisations and people from different walks of life.
In view of the Bandh more farmers from Punjab , Haryana and other northern states also joined in at the Delhi borders including Singhu, Tikri, Kundli, Chila and Gazipur.
There were reports of some tussle between the different political party groups amid the bandh , while the farmers everywhere went on with their protest in a very peaceful manner.
Delhi , Haryana and UP Police gave stepped security at the borders points further in view of the law and order situation.
On Monday while Addressing a press conference, senior Congress leader Sunil Jakhar said that the government is testing farmers’ patience.
“Its time for taking everyone on board and find solutions,” he said. He further alleged that the government is adamant in the farmers issues.
The congress leaders suggested that the government should patiently listen to them and amicably find solution to end the protests by accepting their demands to repeal three farm laws and also said that grand old party will support the Bharat Bandh called by the farmers, he said.