Sun Block During Summers


The depletion of Ozone Layer has higher risk of sun damage from UV rays. Sunblock or sunscreen are the most important things which our skin need sin this hot Sunny weather. We need to protect our skin from Sun all the times it is not necessary that we are outside in sun light so we need to put a sunblock but our skin needs to be protected even from the indoor lights. We need to use our sunblock minimum 4 to 5 times in a day.

SPF stands for ‘sun protection factor’ and is used to estimate the amount of UV radiation it normally takes to burn one’s skin the UVA where ‘A’stands foraging the UVB where ‘B’stands for burning.

Sunblocks are formulated to protect against UVB rays, while sunscreens protect against UVA. These days we get formulated sunscreen that will protect against both UVA and UVB rays.

In order to protect our skin we choose a broad spectrum protection which is called a sunscreen ,so which protects us both from the UV and the UV rays.

Sunblock works physically and clean skin while sunscreen works chemically preventing independent long-term dam-age to the skin.

Sunblock whiten the skin while the sunscreen tends to be less visible on the skin.

The most forgotten areas of the face,as revealed by an ultraviolet-sensitive camera, were on or around the eyelids: a place where 5% to 10% of all skin cancers occur.

Use this formula to figure out appropriate SPF for you :

For example: SPF 15 ×10 Minutes=150 Minutes of protection.

So technically speaking we should apply Sun block at least 4 to 5 times a day. Even if you are indoor.

Sunscreen to your daily routine can block UV a promoting graceful aging and you will be which can keep your skin from Burning and this can safely minimise your Sun exposure risk choose the right sunblock that fits best into your lifestyle.

Physical sunscreen rubs off, sweat off and rinse off easily, meaning more frequent reapplication when outdoors is needed.

Chemical sunscreen Tends to be thinner and, therefore, spreads more easily on the skin, making it more wearable for daily use.

Also we can use sunscreen with a little CC correcting cream so that you can have even skin tone and make a skin look beautiful.