Summertime Essentials For Babies


This the season of sun, sand and, er, sweat. Which can be a challenge with a new little person to look after as the temperature soars. A little preparation is all it takes to lap up the longerdays and relish in the sunny rays with your bub.

We’ve found essentials to make enjoying life with a summertime babe a breeze.

It’s a wrap

Babies love to be swaddled and it’s an essential part of your mum’s toolkit to send your littleone off to the land of nod. New lightweight wrap made from a special breathable mesh that lets you wrap up your bub in cool comfort during the warmer weather is an essential.

Good egg

Room temperature can really affect your bub’s sleep, and a room thermometer will to help you know the room temperature at a glance. In the digital room thermometer the temperature rises telling you at a glance if your munchkin’s room is too hot, too cold or just right. It’s the Goldilocks of thermometers.

Walk the liner

Pram liners are essential for protecting your poppet’s pram but in summer the wrong liner can bring a sweaty back. There is a new pram liner made from a 3-ply polymesh material that promotes airflow between your bub’s body and their seat so warm air escapes to prevent overheating and stop the sweats.

Enjoy a cold one

The rise in temperature can cause havoc with your plans, especially when it comes to feeding time. Keep their milk and food cold by having a handy Fridge-to-go cooler bag in tow. Simply pop the panels into the freezer overnight and they’ll keep the contents cool for up to 8 hours!

Splish splash

Little ones love to splash around, but the last thing you want is any surprises floating in the water. Keep a reusable swim nappy handy which you can use whenever required.

It’s natural, baby

Chemical free and created with little beach bods in mind the natural sun lotion which is kind to sensitive skin and water resistant for when you and bub fancy a splash.

It’s a blackout

The bright summer sun and longer days can play havoc with your tot’s sleep time, keep handy a portable blackout blind that attaches directly to glass using suction cups. Pop it up and say night night!

Cover up

Sun protection is a must for all of us, but if you’d like to avoid covering your sweetpea’s sensitive skin in sun-screen, cover it with a UV blanket. Baby UV blankets are soft, breathable and lightweight blankets with a 50+UP Frating and come in a gorgeous range of hand screen printed designs and colours.

The real slim shady

The SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe is a compact sun and sleep shade with a handy ‘lookout’ panel for bub to watch the world through while they’re awake and an outer ‘blackout’ panel you can close when it’s time to snooze. It provides great sun protection as well as being proven to keep you munchkin cooler on hot days.

Leave your hat on

The wide-brimmed sun hats help keep eyes protected from the sun’s rays. And for those little ones forever taking off their hats there’s a clever toggle and tie under the chin to ensure it stays put.

Use protection

Babies leak a lot, but many mattress protectors come with a plastic backing that will leave a sweaty summer bubin a puddle.

Cool runnings

New mums rejoice when they realise they’ll be pregnant through winter and avoid the discomfort of long summer days with a big belly but once bub comes along you’ll soon realise you haven’t escaped the heat. For a little relief, try a mesh carrier, durable and lightweight. Moisture-wicking mesh lining for ultimate ventilation and breathability so both you and bub stay cooler.

Beat it

Bubs and toddlers love to enjoy the water in summer. Unfortunately so do mosquitos. Keep the baby clear of any bites and strong smelling repellents by using a mild mosquito repellent which is so gentle it can be used on baby’s face too.

Baby Sunglasses

As cool as sunglasses are, they do very little for protecting a babies face. So buy the one which has a strap to keep it in place.

Toddler tints

Toddler Tints are decals for the inside of your car windows that shade the kiddies as you drive around in the sun-shine. Available in fun and colourful patterns, simply peel the back adhesive like a sticker and place in your window for instant protection.