Submits proposals for boosting of animal rearing sector, dairies, fisheries in J&K

Dr Darakhshan meets Union Ministers Giriraj Singh and Dr Sanjeev Balian                  NEW DELHI: BJP Spokesperson & Chairperson of Waqf Development Committee of Union Ministry of Minority Affairs Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today held a meeting with Union Minister for Animal Husbandry, Dairy & Fisheries Giriraj Singh and MoS Dr Sanjeev Kumar Baliyan at New Delhi and discussed future road map of the Ministry to enhance the local potential of animal rearing, dairy and fisheries in J&K.
Dr Andrabi presented three separate proposals to boost animal husbandry, fisheries and dairy production in J&K. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that J&K needs a multi-pronged developmental activity to create earning opportunities for youth and also to make people self-reliable in different sectors of life.
She said that J&K has a great potential for cattle-rearing but during the past many decades, the graph of the animal rearing & production has come down considerably. “With the decrease in cattle rearing, the dairy production has also fallen to a great extent. But the demand has increased manifold. Animal husbandry and dairy production needs to be increased with special plans so that this sector provides jobs to many youth in J&K and also adds to the local economic activity in UT”, said Dr Andrabi.
She said that with the help of central government schemes, rural fisheries units have come up at some places but we need to give the process a dose of acceleration to make fisheries a big rural economy sector in J&K. Ministers discussed the proposals threadbare and assured Dr Andrabi to go further in this direction soon. Minister Giriraj Singh said that it was the responsibility of all of us to search for more and more projects for boosting the economy of J&K.
He said that we will be devising some projects with the help of the J&K administration so that these very vital and basic sectors of rural economy structure are strengthened. Dr Balian thanked Dr Andrabi for her detailed proposals and assured all help and assistance to J&K in realising the dream of a prosperous new Jammu & Kashmir.